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  1. Zulu 22

    Cancel Rest DAY - 1st Day from Nights

    John, what you have described appears to be within the Regulations although not in the spirit. What it does smack of is lack of planning by the supervision and especially the Scales, duty roster office, or what ever each forces refers to. As I am out of date with the latest Regulations updates I would suggest that you check with your Federation Office who can make representations. The Federation have fought for years over matters such as this with much success but sadly it is difficult to fight when the Command are acting within the Regs because they are incapable of planning in advance, The only time that something like that should happen is in some form of unplanned National emergency. The only time I can think of that being justified was in the various, so called, spontaneous riots which left planning very difficult. I would add that in those situations officers recognised and accepted such necessary measures, but it has to be said that management often fail to plan very well indeed.
  2. Zulu 22

    Transferring Forces

    I would suggest that it would be best to contact Surry recruitment and ask them. You never know it could just get an immediate response into an application.
  3. Zulu 22


    Check your highway code. It depends on weight as well.
  4. The question is pointless about a meeting 66 years ago. I believe that the Duke of Wellington asked something similar in 1814-16 ish.
  5. Zulu 22


    Do not waste the money. Spend it by investing in the Police, with more officers and resources to allow them to do their jobs and duties.
  6. Zulu 22

    How are Raids planned

    I little concerned over why you would want to know. What I would say is "meticulously"
  7. Zulu 22

    Maternity and medical retirement

    How long would the process take? how long is a piece of string. Every Force is different in how they fulfil their duties regarding ill health retirement. You should make your GP fully aware of your situation and there is nothing to stop you getting opinion from a Cardo Vascular Consultant but you need to make sure you have someone who is an expert and fully aware of the problems. There is a argument to say "Why should you have to do this." It is rather concerning that your emails are receiving no response and they need a reminder "Are you in a position to allow me the courtesy of a reply to my email of (Date). I know you lost faith in someone with something to do with the Federation but, believe me the Joint Branch Board experts are the best ones to advise you and they should be prepared to act on your behalf. It is difficult to take on the management without the back up of the Federation Joint B.B. Have you considered a consultation or writing to your M.P. He/she could write to the Chief Constable but it certainly makes people wake up, get up off their shiney seats and actually do what they are supposed to do. It worked for me. I found out that the Force were acting unlawfully and referred them to the Force Police Authority's legal officer. Now it would be the |P.C.C.'s office. The welfare of officers is the responsibility of Supervision and starts with your first in line. If they ignore you then go higher until someone takes some responsibility and fulfils their duty of care. I cannot advise you strongly enough to ask for an interview with the Federation expert on this matter and to ask them to act on your behalf. I do this because, sadly, I am now out of date with the exact nitty gritty of the regulations and the most recent changes.
  8. Zulu 22

    Maternity and medical retirement

    I note that you say you have had a bad experience with the Federation. I obviously do not know the details and would never expect you to say, however they would be far the best qualified people to advise you and guide you through your medical problems. I assume that you are still on maternity leave and would not necessarily advise being off sick, but please take advice. If you have had a P.E. and DVT's you could well end up on Anti coagulants for life, which would mean an end of active response or street Policing. It should not however mean that you could not continue in a back office, non confrontational post. That would depend on your divisional heads and a reference to the H.R. I sense from your post though, that you would be looking for a medical retirement. Having over 10 years you should qualify with enhancements to your 14 years service. If that is the case there is no real need to rush into things as further service will increase those pension enhancements. I agree with Blue Tac but, if your Federation are any good they should be advising and looking after your interests. Your bad experience with the Federation may have been a one off and a clash of personalities with someone, I would hope so. Your first concern is not the job but, your own health. You will recover but it will take time. The answer to your specific questions Q1. Yes you could get medical retirement, but some Forces put as many obstacles in the way as possible. In many respects they have the upper hand as, for the first 6 months off sick you will be on half pay, the next 6 months half pay, and after that you would go to the state SSP. That is why I suggested that you should not be off sick but still using your maternity leave. Once you are on SSP the Force is very much in the driving seat. Q2. You do not have to go back to start the process as they could take that as being fit for duty. If your condition is as you say, then liase with your Doctor and keep him informed on the whole situation. I would suspect that he would say to stay off sick until you are either fit, or on medical retirement. It is also important to speak to your supervision and relay the circumstances to them and point out that no one has tried to contact you because Welfare is part of their responsibility. When you have these conversations it would be advisable to have a friend, a witness to them. Keep a written record of who you speak to and the conversations. If it was me with my memory I might be tempted to record any conversations 😉
  9. Zulu 22

    Cloned Number Plates

    I understand that it can be recorded at DVLC and placed on the data base, including the area of the genuine vehicle, to turn up on ANPR. You may well be stopped on the occasion but you will be able to prove that you are the genuine holder. It is too easy for a rogue to find a vehicle which matches the one that they have and to obtain a set of false plates. They would not show up on APNR unless the vehicle they cloned from becomes untaxed, or uninsured, which risk is minimal.
  10. I have seen this type of post before on another forum shortly before a contributor was banned. I would never claim to be perfect but the composition and English is deplorable. The whole post smacks of Freeman of the Land. It certainly is not rational thinking. The Laws are there for the protection of the people. Quite simple for Ian Jackson, if you do not believe in the Laws then please do break them but, do not complain when you are prosecuted. If you choose to not insure a car then the chances are that you will be caught and the car will be confiscated. My only concern is that, now being retired, it will not be me making the confiscation or instigating the prosecution.
  11. He/she sounds as if they are fully aware of the Freeman of the Land movement complete with all it's selfish stupidity, with no legal standing.
  12. If you drive a car you are required by law to hold 3rd party insurance, for which you pay. If you object to this then the answer is simple. Give up your licence, do not own a car and, don't drive,
  13. Sorry misunderstood from your first post.
  14. No, it is you who is confused. Motor insurance always includes the paragraph, "Providing the driver holds a current driving licence" I have know people who although they have not had an accident they have been responsible for causing many.
  15. I realise that this case is purely hypothetical but, You should have stopped. An officer is empowered to be able to stop any vehicle without reason merely to check that documentation for the vehicle is correct. A driver is obliged to stop. When a person takes their driving test to certify that they are conversant with the highway code and road traffic law and to abide by them. I would imagine that the prosecution will be successful and that your (oops sorry) the offenders licence is suspended. The actions which you described in the original post describe a driver who believes that he/she is above the law and the behaviour does not justify that person being allowed to drive any vehicle.