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  1. I have seen this type of post before on another forum shortly before a contributor was banned. I would never claim to be perfect but the composition and English is deplorable. The whole post smacks of Freeman of the Land. It certainly is not rational thinking. The Laws are there for the protection of the people. Quite simple for Ian Jackson, if you do not believe in the Laws then please do break them but, do not complain when you are prosecuted. If you choose to not insure a car then the chances are that you will be caught and the car will be confiscated. My only concern is that, now being retired, it will not be me making the confiscation or instigating the prosecution.
  2. He/she sounds as if they are fully aware of the Freeman of the Land movement complete with all it's selfish stupidity, with no legal standing.
  3. If you drive a car you are required by law to hold 3rd party insurance, for which you pay. If you object to this then the answer is simple. Give up your licence, do not own a car and, don't drive,
  4. Sorry misunderstood from your first post.
  5. No, it is you who is confused. Motor insurance always includes the paragraph, "Providing the driver holds a current driving licence" I have know people who although they have not had an accident they have been responsible for causing many.
  6. I realise that this case is purely hypothetical but, You should have stopped. An officer is empowered to be able to stop any vehicle without reason merely to check that documentation for the vehicle is correct. A driver is obliged to stop. When a person takes their driving test to certify that they are conversant with the highway code and road traffic law and to abide by them. I would imagine that the prosecution will be successful and that your (oops sorry) the offenders licence is suspended. The actions which you described in the original post describe a driver who believes that he/she is above the law and the behaviour does not justify that person being allowed to drive any vehicle.
  7. Zulu 22

    No licence?

    Yes, put the person right who told this incorrect notion. Any arrest must be justified and this one is not, unless there are some other mysterious factors come into force.
  8. Zulu 22

    Hillsborough Verdict

    They want a scapegoat and have now got one. No Liverpool fan bore any responsibility, and independent enquiry chaired by the Bishop of Liverpool came to than decision.
  9. Zulu 22

    Ill health retirement figures

    Someone at the Federation should be able to tell you exactly. I do not have the actuary figures anymore and would be reluctant to try. However when I was serving on the Federation almost any Federation Rep worth his salt would have been able to tell you. Your HR department should also be able to tell you. My pension comes via Kier but they can only work on figures and dates provided by HR. You appear to have 12 years in which with 7 would give you 19 years. 2/60 ths for each year which would be 36/60ths when a full pension would be 40/60ths but, as I say that is from memory with now Regs or Actuary figures available to me so, do check again with the Federation for accuracy. They do have Pension specialists among their ranks.
  10. Zulu 22

    Ill health retirement figures

    Speak to your Force Federation office. They should be able to tell you exactly what you are entitled too, Medical Pension and any lump sum. I am out of date now with the new Regs but as a Fed Rep I could and did tell officers what they could expect. One lad was disappointed as I was 3p per month out on my figures. Get advice from the Fed and follow it.
  11. Ban all tools, just in case they are used by someone, other than a tradesman. Any tool can be misused, by anyone.
  12. Zulu 22

    Ill Health Pension - should I or should I not

    Keep in touch with the Federation who should support you. They can also advise you as to what you will actually get if you do take an Ill Health Pension. No one can tell you what to do or, make the decision for you. However, the main thing is your health which comes before anything else. I would imagine that being a DC would just put extra stress on your position. You do say that your Force has been fantastic and supportive. If that is so I would think that they would go along with any decision you make, and that may be employment in a less stressful role. What ever you decide I hope that you have a long and healthy future.
  13. Zulu 22

    ill health retirement advice

    Firstly I am no longer an expert and up to date with the newest regulations and how your Force deal with these matters. Some are better and more understanding than others.Your Federation are their to help and should have experts who are bang up to date. Some Federations have access to free Legal consultations ate their offices, if yours is one I would seek this. I would also advise that you follow the advice of your Federation. It could be that your Force may, eventually, offer you a medical retirement but, I would think that they would only do that if all other avenues have been visited. That would probably mean redeployment, as it must be something that you can do. Remember that you have only 16 years service and that if you do take redeployment all the time will add to any future medical pension. Unfortunately the Force have the upper hand at the moment because you have already dropped to half pay and eventually will drop to basis SSP from the benefits. I would suggest that redeployment would be better than that. If the redeployment does not work out you have not lost anything but would possibly strengthen your position for a Medical retirement. What ever you do use the Federation and all the assistance that they can offer. Sorry I cannot help any further because I am no longer an expert in this field. The Federation do have access to Legal Firms who have expertise in this field. I would advise that you search for the web site on Police Injury on duty and medicals https://pipiniod.weebly.com/. They have a forum, which you can join, which has many experts who contribute and it would be a little more in detail than what this site may be able to offer. Take care and I hope that your conditions and help prove fruitful.
  14. Zulu 22

    Pension Politics

    Them best people to ask are your force Federation officers. They should have that information to hand and should be able to assist. I am out of date with the Regs now but when serving I would have been able to tell you. A lot depends on your Force as some are considerate and some the opposite.
  15. Zulu 22

    Protecting a crime scene

    I would have used Obstructing a Police Officer in the execution of his duty.