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  1. michiemoo

    Death of a serving police officer

    RIP Sending healing thoughts to your family and especially your son!
  2. michiemoo

    Happy Christmas

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with lots of smiles, good times, and a less fearful world in 2012 ! Best wishes to all the forum readers, posters, and newbies ) Looking forward to DDO training in 2012 Mich x
  3. michiemoo

    Designated Detention Officer

    Thank you! Jan and Feb training dates all full so looking at March, possible April for my date ... fingers crossed they get us in sooner
  4. michiemoo

    Designated Detention Officer

    Thank you very much!
  5. michiemoo

    Designated Detention Officer

    i passed wooooooo hoooooooooo ! got average of 59 on the push test and 47 on the pull ) and passed the beep test, the chest infection i have almost bloody killed me but hey,i wasnt gonna stop running til i was dragged from the yellow lines!
  6. fingers crossed for you ! if it helps ... my brother served 10yrs for 2 counts of attempted murder-i dont know any of the facts as i have nothing to do with him, but it didnt hinder my psco application 6yrs ago, and neither did it stop me getting to day 2 for ddo which is 30th nov-2 days away. i think there are circumstances which mayprevent us from progressing in the force depending on what contact we have, what the crime is, the impact etc etc - i hope you are not judged on your nephews criminal activities - good luck!
  7. michiemoo

    Designated Detention Officer

    thank you both ! Am a little worried as i ran the beep test in a practice run to level 5.6 and did this twice within 10mins of each try. But the push/pull i was naff on! When i passed the same tests for psco in 2006 i did alright but somehow i cant get the right technique and can only manage 37kg on the pull for the first few attempts, then it trails off and i get weaker. Am worried i will cock this upon the day - help! any tips on technique? The push is ok, i can get mimimum of40kg each attempt so not tooworried about that.
  8. michiemoo

    Designated Detention Officer

    passed day 1 :) day 2 is november 30th .... wish me luck!
  9. michiemoo

    Designated Detention Officer

    Hi, have you got yourself an interview yet? I heard back from recruitment recently to say my day 1 is October 27th. Hope you have also got through the first stage :)
  10. michiemoo

    Designated Detention Officer

    Me too! Hopefully we hear back from recruitment soon :) good luck