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  1. loopylas

    OSPRE 2 Senarios

    Hi Lee I was also wondering about the the CD's. The courses are expensive, we now have one for £170 but even that is a struggle. A couple I know both passed part 1 and can't afford to pay for 2 courses so the husband is going on the course and will then feedback to the wife and practice scenarios together. Maybe you could find someone who is going on a course to team up with and practice?
  2. loopylas

    OSPRE PART 1-failed

    Hi Stottycake So sorry. Even though it's gutting that you had 54% it's also encouraging as you know next year with the baby being a little older you will pass this with ease. Never did a crammer course so can't help with that. I know of someone who passed on the 7th attempt. Someone else I know failed last year 52% and scored 70% this year. Don't give up!!! Good luck
  3. loopylas

    Tired of waiting

    No idea. Am still expecting an email saying they have made a mistake and I haven't actualy passed! Lol
  4. loopylas

    Tired of waiting

    Sorry to hear that IveToldYouOnce. I don't really know what to say but had to try and say something. I still do not think this process is the best for promoting as I have seen so many people who would make amazing Sgt's give up due to the exam - please don't be one of them!! Don't make any decisions yet!!
  5. Hi All Wanted to start this in the hope it would help others next year. We all study differently but I thought if we put down what we used then others ould see the most popular methods. Happily I passed Was my 1st attempt and I used Crammer books from November and then combined them with Blackstones online Q&A which were very similar to the exam questions. I do think it would help to also look at the case law in Blackstones Manuals as that would have assisted me more. There is no fluke about the exams and don't listen to people who say they didn't revise. It's down to hardwork and dedication - I always did well in exams in school with little effort but this was different. I basicaly wrote off my life for 5 months but today I can honestly say it was worth it (oh and I never had chance to revise in work it was all done at home) Congrats to all that passed an Good Luck to all those who sit it next year.
  6. loopylas

    Tired of waiting

    South Wales - so down towards the bottom of the list
  7. loopylas

    Tired of waiting

    Hi all. I rang our HR this morning and answerphone said they were out sometime this week. Checked FB and someone I know had passed so rang again this afternoon and they are out. Our force didn't do great but happily I PASSED!!!! Woop woop. Made her double check as I couldn't believe it. Good Luck to you all
  8. loopylas

    Tired of waiting

    I'm praying too that that the validation questions will go in my favour. I rang our HR department today and they have confirmed results out week commencing 19th - this could be a long few days!!! I also feel that regardless of the result I now have far more knowledge and if I return to frontline soon then I just need to get up to speed with Force procedures and paperwork and not the law! Hope you all enjoy your last weekend of not knowing (ignorance can be bliss! Lol)
  9. loopylas

    Tired of waiting

    Hi all The exam seems ages ago! I was doing really well at not thinking about it - until yesterday! After the exam I just felt numb, where as some people were able to feel positive and remember questions it was and still is a complete blur to me. I am really not expecting a pass but it will just be nice to know one way or the other now as I've been approached for several new roles and I feel everything is on hold until I know for sure. Is it true they are out next week??? I'm on leave next week so no access to internal email so guess I will have to phone up. No point saying Good Luck to you all as its too late now - fingers crossed for lots of passes is more appropriate.
  10. loopylas

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    THANK GOD IT'S OVER!!!! I did answer all questions but was surprised I only had 10 minutes to spare so not enough time to go over the 40-50 I really wasn't sure of! The questions were in similar format to Blackstones Q&A, however as the answers were in a more simplified manner I have an inkling that I have over thought them! However, I know for sure I have 10 right (they are probably the bloody validation questions!) Gutted at the lack of custody and the amount of powers and RTC But it's over and life can return to normal again. Too late to stress about anything and I have to say of all the questions there is only 1 I remember so can't even look them up to check if I was right - that's a good thing. Enjoy your well deserved break this evening and hope you all get good news at the end of April!
  11. loopylas

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    Lol!!! All noted
  12. loopylas

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    3rd time lucky eh Foxymoxy? You are far more determined than I am. This will be my 1st and only attempt. If I don't pass it won't actualy be the end of the world as I have other areas in my career I would like to concerntrate on. I just hope if I do fail it's not by a narrow margin as that would be a bit of a kick in the teeth. Anyway, enough talk of failing. Am soo looking forward to doing absolutely nothing tomorrow evening!!! Oh and how much of a gluton for punishment am I? Doing the exam tomorrow and then going into work to do my Pdr!!! That's another bone of contention, did it 3 months ago but they have changed the criteria and I have to do it again! Grrrrr! And the rest of the week I have a 1st aid course with an exam on Friday - hurry up weekend when I can have a few beers and watch the rugby
  13. loopylas

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    Am totaly with you Dan In fact when you tell people outside of the job they can't believe it's ONLY 55%!!!! But if only they knew how hard we have to work to try and achieve that magic number! If we've all put in enough work then we should get there - problem is knowing how much is enough! Lol I will be starting a new topic on Tues evening titled ' Post Ospre Part 1 - what will you do now you actualy have some free time?' Lol All the best to you all
  14. loopylas

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    Ha ha! I won't even allow myself to think about Part 2! I'm actualy looking forward to the period of waiting for the results as it will be too late to worry about Part 1 and too Early to know if you have to stress about Part 2. So a nice little break before reality hits!
  15. loopylas

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    Hey Foxymoxy, It's reassuring to know at least a few of us are seeing gibberish at times! We are now in the final few hours and I for one cannot wait to sit this and get it out of the way. Today will be my last day of revison and am not doing a full mock exam as it may be counter productive if I get a low score. I am hoping that the effort (even the gibberish reading) will pay off. My biggest concern now is having to sit there for that amount of hours without talking!!! Lol Best wishes to you all for Tuesday - and here's to driving down the street once again and no longer turning everything you see into an Ospre scenario!