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  1. torchwood


    Sorry missed the point !! I know how you would deal with it having dealt with similar myself so not sure where you are coming from, my point is there are plenty of people out there who are ex cops/staff who are now plain public and know what the job involves. So are you telling me your wives/partners don't know what you go through , some seem to be saying that no one knows what a police officer has to deal with except serving officers, like it's some big secret. I am not talking about the public claiming to be able to do your job or attempting to do the job , just that the appreciation of what you do is no mystery. Even the most covert techniques are shown on TV or published in reports ie the Stockwell Shooting , numerous articles in newspapers and not forgetting daily blogs ( Insp Gadget) and books written by serving and retired police officers ( ie Wasting Police Time) , the public are well savvy about what you do , that is my only point , can they do your job NO , would they want to NO and sadly do they think you ( and me ) are worth the big pension payouts, from those I speak to.... NO. Many serving or retired have stories of being called out in the middle of the night , cancelled rest days or in my case two cancelled holidays and a relationship break up , do the public appreciate that ?, do they care? ...........NO. And lastly as it's time for my medication , I would really be interested to know what part of your job the public don't know about?? Bodies and body identification ?? Well you only need to read the public transcripts of the London Bombings or see the interviews with the officers that appeared on TV. Being called out at 3am ~ seven part fly on the wall documentary following the London homicide squads, followed by a second lot following OP Trident Having to give a death message, comfort a loved one, well plenty of that on the various traffic cop shows. Being assaulted, spat at , again nightly police fly on the walls. Police regulations / canteen banter/lack of leadership etc... only need to read Wasting Police Time & Wasting More Police Time as two of my friends have (they still haven't returned the books) The pay and conditions you are/will be subject to ~ Hutton & Windsor 1 /2 reports available online. Oh and of course this Forum
  2. torchwood

    The Winsor Report Thread

    I appreciate what you are saying and as I have said yes forces do have to go down the reasonable adjustment route , as I know too well as I was disabled , but the wording of A20 in the 1987 Act makes no mention of that . I don't know what act they are using DDA or the Equality Act but my concern was (not having read the small print) that there may be some outers if they can show medically retiring officers is their only option for the efficiency of the force, if they can't get rid of anyone under A20 who doesn't want to go great.
  3. torchwood


    Well I am now Joe Public and a voter and I know all about your job
  4. torchwood

    officer arrested - Pleb Gate

    With 30 officers on it quite a way I should imagine, just hope no other officers caught up in the mess.
  5. torchwood


    Ummm That's what he said, if you read it you are unique, but so are other jobs like the armed forces.
  6. torchwood

    officer arrested - Pleb Gate

    A nightmare scenario would be stopping a car being driven by Mitchell with Tommy Windsor as a passenger
  7. torchwood

    The Winsor Report Thread

    mmmm. I am sure that there are outers in the Equality Act like there are in the HR Act ie if it isn't "reasonable" to keep someone disabled , coz it reduces the efficiency of the force. I was injured on duty and had severe disability thankfully I had reached the magic 26.5 and some, it didn't take that long once I was seen by the medical panel to get cast. The Act I was covered by was The Disability Discrimination Act , I am sure there are outers in that ,just look at how many injured service men/women are being laid off. As for OH staff , none played any part in the process as once I was permanently restricted by the force medical officer ( FMO) it wasn't their problem , the only players were Central HR, the FMO and the Police Authority. You also have to take into account many who are disabled have tried to get IHR but have fallen at the last hurdle due to the penalty to the HO , so their file is there ,they have been deemed permanently disabled all that is required is their Police Pension Authority to rubber stamp it and off they can go, it took a couple of months from seeing the appointed medical panel for me to Foxtrot Oscar.
  8. torchwood

    The Winsor Report Thread

    I doubt it they will just say that due to the efficiency of the service and budget cuts they need to retire officers unfit to perform the full role of police officer. In any case if the new regs come in it will be academic as they will drop them 3k in pay and then give them a police staff role, my point was that they may go down the A20 route first , which will benefit some ( especially those with over 26.5 yrs service) who have been refused IHR in the past.
  9. torchwood

    The Winsor Report Thread

    I beg to differ the wording of the Act is produced below, so unless I have managed to find an out of date copy no mention of reasonable adjustments or protection if a suitable job available :- Compulsory retirement on grounds of disablement A20. Every regular policeman may be required to retire on the date on which the police authority, having considered all the relevant circumstances, advice and information available to them, determine that he ought to retire on the ground that he is permanently disabled for the performance of his duty: Provided that a retirement under this Regulation shall be void if,after the said date, on an appeal against the medical opinion on which the police authority acted in determining that he ought to retire, the board of medical referees decides that the appellant is not permanently disabled. I will stand corrected if I haven't found a recent amendment that says officers must be found a restricted role before A20 considered. My understanding having been medically retired is that the force have to attempt to find a suitable role , this is not a requirement of the act, but a requirement of the HR Dept /Police Pension Authority for that force to avoid having to pay out IHR pensions. In fact in a lot of cases they are NOT doing the officer a favour by finding him an admin post, for example he may still have problems traveling to the said post and his health would be better if he could go.
  10. torchwood

    officer arrested - Pleb Gate

    Did you expect anything less they will all be quaffing champers together gloating how they are screwing the police
  11. torchwood

    officer arrested - Pleb Gate

    Indeed , Pannett came over quite measured, Mr Brown just sat there ranting and supporting his mate spouting nonsense, what is needed is a quick investigation and the FACTS published.
  12. torchwood


    Most are short sighted and will only see that when they have been assaulted and are standing in the street having dialed the 9's only to see tumbleweed coming down the street and nothing else.
  13. torchwood

    officer arrested - Pleb Gate

    Just tuning in now, lets here the latest nonsense
  14. torchwood


    And believe me I have had that "contract" argument as well , but the response is the country is going down the pan and the police have to share the pain
  15. torchwood


    Never but I and others have had reporters with me who have attended such incidents on ride alongs , some even worse who have written their graphic accounts in the press, many of us have been interviewed and given harrowing accounts of incidents and having to inform relatives etc, I could go on. We can argue all we want, fact is that the public have a greater insight into what you do and when I argue over dinner about the things you deal with , their response is "but how many times in a day does that happen" My point is that it is becoming harder and harder to justify to others the pension and pay you earn and believe me I try, due to more media coverage than 10yrs ago , bad publicity and this govt trying to portray police in a bad light.