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  1. Scoop

    The Referendum Discussion

    Right I think you are missing the point here regards the 'leave' campaign group not having a plan for brexit. Yes - you are entirely right in that any 'plan' is something that has to be determined, pursued and carried out by the ruling government. However - and this is the reason why the journalists are so gobsmacked about this admission - for the 'leave' campaign group not to have a plan it suggests they fought this campaign without proper consideration of what brexit actually means for the UK. It's like deciding to sell your house and buy a new one in a completely different area because you want a better way of life but without doing any research about the local facilities, schools, shops or transport links to determine if the move is in your best interests. Any rational person will have a strategy about what they want to achieve with such a move which they then research to discern if it's achievable. You don't just buy a house and hope it works out. Their admission suggests that they have not done this research, they haven't considered the different options, they haven't determined if the extra two-hour commute to work is going to mean less time with the family or the lack of good schools in the area means they might have the additional cost of sending little Johnny to boarding school. It does suggest that all they have been concentrating on is that they could use the extra bedroom as man cave and there's room for a hot tub in the garden. In fact, it also suggests that they didn't think they were going to win. Johnson and Gove didn't think Britain would vote to leave the EU. They thought it would be a close call but they wouldn't actually win. Then Boris could come sweeping in as the new potential Tory leader with talk of renegotiating our relationship with the EU as someone with a better grasp of what the British people wanted. Except that hasn't happened and Cameron has resigned and it's all gone rather quiet. That would explain why Boris has said there's no rush to push the Article 50 button just yet, or why Gove is talking about informal talks. The moment Cameron resigned and passed the buck to the next PM (which I really don't think is going to be Boris but rather suspect will be Theresa May instead) it dawned on Boris that he hadn't won after all. They've just played a bluff and to their surprise it's been well and truly called! Farage on the other hand has behaved liked an untrained puppy throughout the whole campaign leaving great big massive piles of smelly poo in every single room!
  2. Scoop

    The Referendum Discussion

    Maybe not on the website, just on their posters and down the side of the campaign bus...
  3. Scoop

    The Referendum Discussion

    Would you look at who might be the next PM... http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/25/theresa-may-emerges-as-stop-boris-tory-leadership-candidate Just going to leave this one with you.
  4. Scoop

    Jeremy Corbyn - again

    I have to agree.It's all very well that he was elected by 'members' of the Labour Party but he seems to have very little support from the Labour MPs.
  5. Scoop

    Jeremy Corbyn - again

    Verse six does ITYO... With regards to asking God to help Marshal Wade crush the rebellious Scots... but hands up all those who actually know all six verses or even two in fact!As for singing or not singing the national anthem in the military - those on parade are not expected to sing but if you're taking part in a church service (in the congregation) and you don't sing (whether it be hymns or the national anthem) - well you can expect to be having a word with your CO.
  6. Scoop

    Jeremy Corbyn - again

    He reportedly split from ONE of his former wives after falling out about sending their son to Grammar school.He married wife number three in July!
  7. Scoop

    Policing with pride?

    Hello everyone!
  8. Scoop

    Policing with pride?

    Ha! It's felt like it at times. Good to see so many familiar posters are still here.
  9. Scoop

    Another crazy sentence?

    I once covered a court case many years ago where the defendant - an 18-yr-old female - had thrown a glass at another girl in a bar. According to the evidence the victim had spent much of the evening being verbally abusive towards the defendant who unfortunately snapped. The defendant also pleaded guilty, she was also about to go to university, straight 'A' student, this was also a first offence, this was also supposedly completely out of character... Had never been in trouble, not even at school. She went down for six months. Still remember the look of shock on the prosecuting barrister's face - who had supported the defending barrister's request for a lenient sentence - as well as the screams of the defendant long after she left the court room.
  10. Scoop

    Policing with pride?

    That's it, blame the journos!
  11. Scoop


    I always thought they were a bit like the Magic Circle. Smoke and mirrors with a touch of the dramatics. But there again my family were all buffs! (Cue mental image of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in their Water Buffalo lodge hats with horns).
  12. Scoop

    Racist Clarkson

    I've met and worked (briefly) with the chap. Have also worked with others who have not only worked with him but also know him quite well. He was actually a nice guy even if he did take the p*ss out of my height. But there again I asked him what the weather was like up there! Story has been totally blown out of all proportion - in fact - what story?
  13. Scoop

    Birthday wishes

    Yes it was lovely thanks Westie.
  14. Scoop

    Woo-hoo! Get in!

    Tee hee! Definitely won't be doing that again! I have seen some incredibly moving tributes paid to the two Boston firefighters who lost their lives. Mike was a good friend of a very lovely lady I know from Boston.
  15. Scoop

    Birthday wishes

    I might not always be on but I often lurk! Thank you! Have had a lovely day with the Sprog at an adventure park trying to prove that age really is just a number and that I am tall enough to meet the minimum height limit on the rides...