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  1. ammo


    Has anyone signed up to janes police review the online content for the part 1?
  2. ammo

    Channel 4 News request

    this guy has posted on a couple of police forums asking this questions, so at least he's making an effort to canvas a few different people and also looking at articles he has previously written they don't seem to be biased against police especially like some of the ones who write in the daily mail often are.
  3. from what I know of Imran Khan, he has always been an outspoken critic of govt. in Pakistan and is generally popular in that sense with the people. It would certainly help pay for stuff at home if less international "aid' (in this case just military hardware/cash for the same) was given out. As for the British Empire being remade, I fail to see how that would work, given the currently state of the armed forces.
  4. ammo

    Expensive 'phone call

  5. ammo

    OSPRE Rules & Syllabus

    The latest rules and syllabus for ospre part 1 http://www.npia.police.uk/en/14336.htm
  6. ammo

    Baton Holder

    We use the Monadnock 21inch Baton, I've been told this will fit well with the ASP sidebreak baton, which comes recommended by quite a few people in my force. im thinking of getting one.
  7. ammo


    thanks for that mate, Ill look into that!
  8. ammo

    5 Word Story (2)

    a big punch up then
  9. ammo

    Doesn't bode well

    Well latest numbers suggested are 1000 officers and 2000 police staff.
  10. ammo


    Any ideas where I could get a hold of some sort of revision timetable/schedule to try to structure my revision?
  11. ammo


    The govt have recently started bringing up the idea of bringing in people from other fields to take up chief officer ranks! Im not sure how well that will go down, with either existing chiefs or rank and file officers.
  12. ammo


    I have been advised to get an up to date set of blackstones because a number of things have changed and so 2007 is quite an out of date set. Ive been recommended blackstones manuals 2012, the q & a, plus the tom barron audio cds.