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  1. Dun Ploddin'

    How the mighty are fallen

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-37269919 So its a sad farewell, for now at least, to Keith Vaz, former supremo of the Home Affairs Select Committee, laid low it would seem by his own hypocrisy and hubris. So used to holding others to account, never missing an opportunity to bash the police at all levels, ever the self publicist, he’s now in the press again for all the wrong reasons. The man was a modern day Roland Friesler in many respects, so used to holding others to account, sniping and bullying, preening, endlessly self-righteous. Woe betide any senior officer who appeared before his Star Chamber as he dispensed his opprobrium, oozing smugness and radiating an air of grand conceit. Well this honourable member, an aspirant Knight of the Realm has been caught out engaging in certain practices erm... 'inconsistent' with his (now former) position. Let me say right now that if you or I were, say for example, caught using the services of prostitutes, soliciting them for recreational drugs we'd be out and no mistake. Instead KV can slink off to the back benches to lick his wounds, remain an MP and look to perhaps reinvent himself yet again when the fuss has died down. After all, this is a man who has faced and survived two separate parliamentary inquiries, had to resign as a minister, been suspended from Parliament and there were accusations over his expenses, some of which he has since repaid. He used his position to try and get so-called poppers (amly nitrate) taken out of the Psychoactive Substances Act, the very substance allegedly in use by the ‘paid escorts’ said to have ‘popped’ round to his London flat. An oily, slippery character this one with I'm sure more than one skeleton tucked away in his cupboard. People in Leicester have longer memories than he gives credit for. Interestingly the Sunday paper that nailed him was not the Sun or the Times but the Sunday Mirror, hardly a Tory mouthpiece. That it was them ‘wot dun the deed’ speaks volumes about the man's standing with his Labour Party colleagues. No tears from me at any rate.
  2. Dun Ploddin'

    Officer Suspended

    I haven’t posted for a while but this issue had had be thinking. Oh no - another police shooting. I’ve read the press reports, seen the IPCC reaction, and listened to the Met responses and those of the usual talking heads. I’d have to pose the question; who would want to carry a firearm in today’s police service? Why would you? We have something of a dichotomy here; on the one hand HMG want more armed officers to tackle the prospect of terrorist activity. It will not have escaped your notice that the Home Office have published advice to “Run, Hide & Tell” which is a toned down and slightly less frightening version of Protect and Survive which I grew up under; the prospect of everyone getting blown away rather than an infinitely smaller number in discreet events. To combat this threat evermore lads and lasses in blue are to be encouraged to carry firearms. Why would you? To be expected to exercise Solomon-like judgement in a split second, to have the know-it-alls pick over and dissect everything through 100% crystal-clear hindsight after the event, to have a management populated by soulless and spineless automatons desperate to parrot the party line, some of whom will happily throw you under the bus to promote their ‘PC’ credentials. To be vilified in and hounded by the press and to be at risk forever more from certain sections of the 'valued and diverse' gangster community. Why would you do it? I’m always amazed and disheartened in equal measures at the ‘community’ reaction in such circumstances. Self-appointed spokesmen and women, lots and lots of ‘witnesses’ in areas where, in other circumstances no-one ever sees a thing, rumour and speculation given far too much credibility by the mainstream press and I’m sickened and dismayed at the appeasement and excuse-making when the mob descends on their local shopping centre for a spot of looting and arson. If a tenth of their outrage and indignation, ‘community’ effort and support were to be directed against the culture of gun-carrying at the heart of many criminals and their gangs I suspect the problem would be significantly reduced. I also find it difficult to understand the mind-set that would lionise the likes of Mark Duggan, hold him up to be someone to be admired. In my opinion – which I’m entitled to express – he was just another gun-toting wannabe who found out – too late – that the world of GTA has fatal consequences in the real one. I remember when sentencing policy called for a mandatory five years for firearms possession, even first offence yet as you know, that almost never happens. Given that pretty much all sentences (with the possible exception of life convictions carrying expressed or whole-life tariffs) are automatically halved in any event, see S244 onwards of the 2003 CJA, even observance of maximum sentences are rendered something of a joke by S244. Not much of a disincentive then for the criminal use and possession of firearms and there is little point in blaming the judiciary; they after all are merely expressing the wishes of HMG as set out in sentencing guidelines. So, why would anyone do this job? Why would you do a job that carries no more reward but almost guarantees in today’s environment that you’ll find yourself gripping the rail if you have to use your weapon. The corollary to that will inevitably lead to situations where, but for the timely use of a lawfully held firearm, lives will be lost or serious injuries sustained. The consequences of all that will follow will surely be operating on the mind of the officer in question. Judgements will be clouded, priorities skewed, the wrong people may be seriously injured or die. No-one wants to give AFOs carte-blanche permission to be absolved of investigation in a shooting incident and every incident should be thoroughly and independently investigated. By that I mean that the IPCC needs to get on with its job and be entirely dispassionate in its pronouncements, especially with the sometimes fawning and cringe-worthy platitudes of sympathy towards the deceased and holding ill-advised ‘community’ meetings. In this most recent shooting, that of Jermaine Baker Ken Marsh of the police Federation observed that; “The IPCC staged in inflammatory meeting on Thursday. It was one-sided and biased to appease a baying mob.” I'd have to question the basis for having to arrest the officer in question - what was the necessity, is community appeasement to be found in S24 PACE? Finally then, to aspiring and serving AFOs, knowing the pedigree, apparent lack of impartiality and the disposition, generally of those who will investigate you in a shooting incident why would you do it?
  3. Dun Ploddin'

    Another defection to UKIP

    That Snake Reckless is no loss to anyone. Cops have long memories and I will not forget it was him that tried to introduce a private members bill to allow for police officers to be made redundant. Sneering. Arrogant. Distant. I despise him. No, no loss and zero integrity. A fellow traveller with the opportunist UKIP nutcases - he will be in good company. It's his majority constituents I feel for - fancy voting for one thing and getting another.
  4. Dun Ploddin'

    Firearms officer bailed

    I read that the firearms officer known as "E7" charged with murder has been granted JIC bail. Apparently he has a condition that he must seek psychiatric help and treatment. I wonder why the court imposed that condition - it might be hoped that this sort of treatment would have been made freely available to him. He is referred to as a "former" officer. Without commenting on the merits of the case against him does that mean the Fed will have abandoned him to his own devices? Whatever else happens this case must cause firearms officers to consider the wisdom of remaining in ticket. I expect the case will be in court as a trial sometime next year. Only two other firearms officers have been tried for murder in recent times - both were acquitted. I do hope that E7 is getting the support he needs.
  5. Dun Ploddin'

    Poor Georgie

    My we're a bit prickly today. And that would be your guess. Not mine. Back o/t I have to observe that if you court the fringes of politics and put yourself up as an anti Semitic borderline racist, adopt a high profile in the media and then get thumped then you should not be entirely surprised. I don't condone what happened and I'd happily investigate his case and seek to prosecute his assailant. But it's not the first time Gorgeous George has had to flee from a baying mob (saved on the last occasion by the timely intervention of plod) and it's like my old mum used to say to me - play with matches and you're going to get burned.
  6. Dun Ploddin'

    Poor Georgie

    It's simply cause and effect in action RM old chap.
  7. Dun Ploddin'

    Poor Georgie

    I agree wholeheartedly with the prevailing view. It's a case of biter bit. If you want to spout off firebrand rhetoric and be a publicity whore then I can't see how he can complain, too much.
  8. Dun Ploddin'

    An IS murderer with a British accent

    Personally, I think "John" faces being hunted down by US Special Forces. If he is lucky a lifetime in an orange overall otherwise the same fate as Osama. I'm pretty sure the intelligence services know who he is by now.
  9. Dun Ploddin'

    Search on Sir Cliff Richards home

    To me the unusual part of this case is the fact - the very rare fact - that "the police" have complained about someone else, in this case by the CC against the BBC. We NEVER complain - it's always our fault anyway. Fair play to Crompton for taking the initiative but it seems, the usual snipers and shudder squad members are queuing up to stick in the knife - Vaz is hovering, the Crime Commissioner has "called the CC in" for a cozy chat. Bet the SIO was delighted when he or she was handed this poison chalice to investigate. Congratulations! Bet they wish they were still on Summer Holiday. It's a Webb of conspiracy ... Time to get me coat.
  10. Dun Ploddin'

    Police killer lost appeal.

    Oi! Getting sent to the Outer Hebrides is my idea of bliss! No, we have reciprocal arrangements whereby foreign nationals can be returned to country of origin to complete their sentences. Off to a Supermax with him and good riddance.
  11. Dun Ploddin'

    Pleb man / Plebgate

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-28331818 Well would you Adam and Eve it. Everyone's favourite posh tory former member of Cameron's government is now heading for a huge tax demand after doing a "Jimmy Carr". Well done HMRC allow me to buy you a tax deductible pint.
  12. Dun Ploddin'


    All thoughts of this being a "noble" exercise evaporated when the fearless constable demanded ten large. I agree, he deserves everything coming to him. I bet the investigation team looking through the Sun Inbox saw some interesting stuff!
  13. Dun Ploddin'

    Little sympathy

    At 22 I joined the job - does that count as young? Lol Young? Yes. Stupid? That's debatable! At the risk of coming over all UKIP I agree that there is total inertia when it comes to deporting the scum of other countries who come here to commit crime, particularly after they have finished their sentence. As OAH states, the flimsiest of reasons seems to suffice to the hand-wringers making deportation decisions.
  14. Dun Ploddin'

    Little sympathy

    Come on Mav, where's your compassion. They are clearly not the brightest lamps in the box and they have been inside some of the worst jails on the planet. They could be our children, seduced by some smooth talking bastard and the lure of easy money. Sure, the fact of an all expenses short stay trip to South America would - no should - have put them on notice as to what was going on. But being young and stupid is something we have all been guilty of. The UK has reciprocal arrangements with most countries whereby our nationals can be sent back to UK prisons to finish their sentences. Before we rush to complain about cost, it would be cost neutral and also great if we sent a good proportion of the foreign nationals currently clogging up our own establishments. So, on balance I do allow myself a level of sympathy here and they will have no difficulty taking and passing a GCSE in Spanish.
  15. Dun Ploddin'

    Max Clifford's appeal

    I'd qualify the last post by saying that he IS guilty - at present - as a jury have so determined. No sure whether this is an appeal against sentence, conviction or both. He is entitled to appeal, the test is whether a single judge thinks there is merit or arguable points and only then does it go before the full court. He's as entitled to try as anyone else. So, I'm quite relaxed about this. Many of my baddies appealed, often with attacks on the character of myself or my staff. I wonder what will characterise this mans approach. Clifford will no doubt be sat brooding in his cell, plotting revenge. He does strike me as something of an unpleasant chap.