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  1. catprincess

    Two police women killed

    My heart feels heavy with this lost of colleagues, may they now rest in peace. I'm sure they did the best possible job they could each day. I hope GMP provide the support which will be very much needed to their colleagues friends and families. Thinking of you all
  2. catprincess

    bank holibobs!

    I'm sure this has already been discussed or is somewhere else but can anyone tell me, with our BH been taken away I understand we get to choose 7? days to have as BH's??? can't we just have the already planned BH holidays as our new BHs? If we are then made to work the choosen BH do we get double bubble? Are they really just an extra 7 annual leave days that planning will turn down when we request then?
  3. catprincess

    Police cuts bite hard!!

    Having worked in Luton for several years this happens pretty much every day, rarely enough officers and most teams parade on in single numbers. Bad times getting worse
  4. catprincess

    Advice about joining the police?

    http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/about-us/corporate-publications-strategy/home-office-circulars/circulars-2004/059-2004/ page 16 - this may not be the most up to date
  5. catprincess

    Advice about joining the police?

    Contact the HR department and ask them directly. Otherwise have a search on the internet there are links available that will say about what is refused in a medical. Also it depends what happened on the outcome of the benefit interview, make sure you delcare everything though, you are more likely to be rejected/thrown out at a later date for not declaring stuff.
  6. catprincess

    Cleveland Police

    I'm really really confused about this...19 officers?? 19?? really... I've ended up covering Luton on my own before.. seriously 19? gosh...this is very disturbing....19 they say....aaaahhh the canteen!!
  7. catprincess


    I recently had an experience with G4S which I thought was disturbing....it went like this.... major public demonstration involving shall we shall a group called EEEDL and lots of other groups... G4S were employed for prisoner transportation.. my role was to assist G4S in directions etc.. my shift was 10am-22:00... at 15:00hrs (full flow of demonstration) G4S said.. righhhhtt our shift is up now, lets go. It was the first time in the Police that I gasped and said but you can't.... the demonstration goes on for ages yet... the reply.. I don't care, I don't get overtime and they can't make me stay... ohhhhh the future is clear... !
  8. catprincess

    PM's Daughter.

    the following is lifted from newsthump.com.... very funny The eight year-old daughter of Prime Minister David Cameron has failed in her heroic attempt to free herself from life within the Tory leader’s grasp. Sources close to the eight-year old tell us she had been planning the attempt for many months, and that she was just moments away from making a run for the airport when she was discovered. Experts have praised the eight year-old, claiming she is clearly wise beyond her years and that normally people are much older than this before they realise how little they care for David Cameron. Simon Williams, author of Living in Oppression under Pricks told us, “Clearly this was a plan that relied on the weaknesses of her oppressors – their apparent love of alcohol.” “When the opportunity was presented to her, she would have taken it by just sitting there in the pub like nothing was happening whilst everyone around her left. It’s a genius move, really.” Nancy Cameron escape The Camerons have dismissed the incident as ‘one of those things’, though Nancy has so far not been able to speak about her recapture to members of the press. As one journalist explained, “Until we hear from Nancy herself we simply don’t know what reprisals she faces for this brazen sign of resistence.” “She could face as much as ten more years under this regime. The poor girl.” Meanwhile a government spokesperson explained that, “No, David Cameron returning to the pub to pick up his daughter is not technically another government u-turn.”
  9. catprincess

    back hander?

    If it helps I don't smeel like catP! Maybe I should start running a book on the result. 2/1 they don't 5/1 they do
  10. catprincess

    back hander?

    http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/06/09/mps-to-block-appointment-as-chief-inspector-of-constabulary_n_1583263.html?ir=UK&ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false lets see if they do
  11. catprincess

    back hander?

    I would love to say how amazed and shocked I am at this decision but I'm not, it says everything really doesn't it.
  12. catprincess

    back hander?

    this may be posted elsewhere about mr winsors new jobhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18361667
  13. catprincess

    less police more crime???

    http://newsthump.com/2011/01/07/fewer-police-means-fewer-criminals-being-caught-finds-startlingly-obvious-report/ very funny!
  14. catprincess

    Commuting to work

    oh bless you, I'm fine now since I've moved stations closer to home... to be honest I now get frustrated that I can't lay in on a weekend past 9! I think it was down to a crazy amount of travelling hours, a crazy amount of working hours and there not been enough hours in the day to rest properly and have a normal life
  15. catprincess

    a reminder

    yyayyyy brilliant news, my man is up and talking and doing well yayyyyyy yayyyyyy