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  1. CptDoby

    Major incident in Glasgow

    Very sad news indeed, thoughts are with all those who died, those injured, their friends and family. Thank you to those that responded whether they be emergency services or members of public. Cpt D
  2. CptDoby

    Missing C/Insp

    Sad ending I'm afraid, RIP http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2512269/Police-body-believe-missing-chief-inspector-Tim-Frohwein.html Cpt D
  3. CptDoby

    Prince Andrew

    As I have said elsewhere, it is the role of the police to stop and search dodgy characters, it's a matter of opinion whether they got it right on this occasion. Cpt D
  4. CptDoby

    Notting Hill Carnival Dance-Off

    Nice to see quite a few DM readers sharing Cpt Dobys shock at an almost pro-police story!! Cpt D
  5. CptDoby

    A Peerage for Doreen Lawrence

    Arise Lord Paddick and Dame Jenny Jones, it gets more bizarre by the minute. Cpt
  6. CptDoby

    Arrested and charged

    I hope it's the right man this time too, I'm hopeful given the CPS's recent history of only backing winners and most cases against police officers. Keith was however killed by a mob and I hope all those involved who are still out there are continually looking over their shoulder and that they panic every time there's a knock at their door. We have our faults but never give up, this case is one of many that proves that. Thoughts still with Keith's his family and his friends. Cpt D
  7. CptDoby

    Woolwich Shooting

    I think those minority from left need to understand that not all prisoners behave in the same way as Norman Stanley Fletcher, our prisons cannot be guarded using the methods of Mr Baraclough. By the same token our streets cannot be policed in the style of Dixon of Dock Green. It's high time the penny dropped. The suspension of these prison officers is an utter disgrace but entirely expected in this thoroughly warped country of ours where lions are led by donkeys. Cpt D
  8. CptDoby

    Woolwich Shooting

    Poor man, I hope his fist heels quickly.... Cpt D
  9. CptDoby

    Voluntary Severance

    Staffs have already used A19, they used it last year to shed a number of officers and turned it off recently which enabled the PCC to open up some limited recruiting. It will no doubt be switch on again once recruitment is closed. The PCC has announced that VR will be opened up once again this time next year. Cpt D
  10. CptDoby

    RIP Patrick Gibbins, BEM and Bar

    Wow, very impressive, and we all know one among many - I'm proud he's one of us but sad that men and women of equal worth are usually ignored because it's more sensational or politically advantageous for a bias press to focus on the likes of Ali Dazaie et al. RIP to a real police officer. Cpt D
  11. Delegates attending a Union conference today agreed to mobilise for a day of civil disobedience on November 5 against the Government's austerity measures. Looks like another busy day for the police many of whom will be sympathizing with the decent protesters on this day. I can't help thinking what sort of message a police 'day of discretion' might send to this shower in charge? ..... Not that I would ever condone such a thing Cpt D
  12. Targets don't tell you that you're directing your resources in the right way in fact there's a good argument that all numerical targets are arbitrary and no numerical target is immune from causing dysfunctional behaviour (worth reading Simon Guilfoyles blog) or http://bscpolicingnetwork.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/hitting-the-target-missing-the-point/ Cpt D .
  13. Numerical targets breed perverse outcomes - this is the beginning of a whole lot of trouble and hopefully another nail in the coffin for bean counting bosses with leadership skills akin to very bad accountants. We're the police, targets shouldn't drive anything and we should strive to do what's right, not what it takes to move chart from red to green. Cpt D
  14. CptDoby

    Human Rights for Soldiers

    It's a long way from a pay out - but I think if soldiers are sent to war then they should be correctly equipped. Whenever has government truly considered the safety of its public servants, they put money before people? Cpt D
  15. CptDoby


    Each force has a Media and Marketing Team that the PCC should utilise but they won't because they would be unable to politicise press releases in a way that makes them (political animals) look good. This is about propping them up for success at the next election, and the public are funding it. Cpt D