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  1. oldbillplod

    One of ours needs our help

    Please watch http://blip.tv/file/915653 Donations still being accepted. oldbillplod2008-05-23 18:26:52
  2. 1 of the 6 best performing forces maybe, but you try attending one of your local nicks to ask how many police they have actually on patrol and you'll be astonished. They will all be in massaging their crime reports making sure they have squeezed every last detection from them that they can.
  3. oldbillplod

    Speeding Harry

    "It was going a hell of a speed – at least 100mph" that fast eh? i'm surprised it didn't take off
  4. oldbillplod

    One of ours needs our help

    Well I did it and hopefully we raised a considerable amount of money on the way, thankyou all those who donated and to all those who didn't even though the run has been completed the cancer hasn't gone away so we are still accepting donations. www.justgiving.com/policerun4jack
  5. oldbillplod

    One of ours needs our help

    http://www.policeoracle.com/news/Officers-Charity-Run-In-New-York_16148.html This is what it is all about
  6. oldbillplod

    One of ours needs our help

    Just a heads up!! Last chance to donate to this worthy cause before I leave for New York in 6 days time. Remember it's for a life threatening disease which only effects children and worth every penny!! http://www.justgiving.com/policerun4jack
  7. oldbillplod

    BTP PCSO's

    Definately no batons, just cuffs.
  8. oldbillplod

    Essex Police - What a mess

    That brings back memories, I was on 'C' shift at Southend for 8 years (swings lamp)
  9. oldbillplod

    Essex Police - What a mess

    More money, less hassle.
  10. oldbillplod

    Free Train Travel question

    I would like to make it clear to those non police who lurk the forum, the Met do not have free travel, this year it cost them 16 million to negotiate travel for their officers. For the Met only it is a 70 mile radius from Charing Cross and I have known officers from other forces being stopped and asked to pay on occasion.
  11. oldbillplod

    Kenneth Noye, cop killer, wins right to appeal

    i'm sure he will get his appeal, that's probably already squared away.......if anyone gets my drift
  12. oldbillplod

    Missing Girl - Media Indifference?

    Just heard the girls aunt on the radio moaning that the police should of done more to find her as she found a mile away from where she went missing. Didn't the police search over 500 homes? Does she not realise how many homes there are in that mile radius?