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  1. steve.s

    New Forum

    Are you given the option to switch to the desktop version or is the button just not working? If it isn't working, could you tell me if you are logged in and where on the site you are pressing the button from? ------------------- Are the likes working for everyone now? Could you let me know if you still don't see who has liked what.
  2. steve.s

    New Forum

    Everyone should now be able to see who liked what. There was a setting in the admin under "reputation" and regular users had it set to not allow them to see who liked posts. This may require you to log out and in again to take effect.
  3. steve.s

    New Forum

    This allows users to ignore an individual's signature, or all signatures. Might be useful for users with slower connections that dont like to load in loads of images that people sometimes have in signatures.
  4. steve.s

    New Forum

    I have reported this issue. Seems very odd. From what I can tell, this seems to only be affecting non-administrators/moderators. Have any mods had issues with the like button?
  5. steve.s

    New Forum

    I have flagged this up as a bug. We will look into it.
  6. steve.s

    New Forum

    :nationality_britishpolice: Emoticons you say? They should now be working Now... Where's my cuppa?
  7. steve.s

    Ballot on Industrial Rights

    For anyone that is interested: Police Oracle are doing a survey to get oppinions on the vote. You can have your say in the news article and by completing the survey. The results of the survey will be published on the site early next week, including quotes from the comments and your thoughts on the whole ordeal. http://policeoracle.com/news/HR%2C+Personnel+and+Staff+Development/2013/Mar/06/Strike-Ballot-Have-Your-Say_61835.html Please do take part, it will really give a deeper insight into how you feel/felt about the vote.
  8. steve.s

    Death of Paul McKeever

    Sad news announced today, Federation Chairman Paul McKeever has died from a suspected embolism, it has been announced. Updates to the story to follow. Please leave your tributes to Paul McKeever in the story.
  9. steve.s

    Blue Dot - first unread post

    Just tried Chrome and Safari Seems fine here. Could someone with an iPad please check it in chrome. Thanks.
  10. To all forum users, Some of our other forums have been re-directing to another website and resolved this as soon as we could. We are currently in the process of investigating claims made regarding emails received from 'anonymous' and are looking into the origin of these. We can at this time say that these emails were NOT sent via our forum mailer software as we keep a log of any mails sent and we have not noticed any unusual activity. Please bear with us while we investigate further, we will keep you updated as soon as we know anything further. Thank you for your patience, Steve Slade NSI Ltd
  11. steve.s

    Racist rant caught on mobile camera

    Sadly you are right Pen, I live in the same area and every day I feel more and more saddened and outraged by where society is heading. She is just one of the many racist, ignorant and abusive people that this country seems to be getting more and more of. *sigh*
  12. http://www.policeoracle.com/news/Video-Police-Praise-Jewellers-Courage_41355.html Absolutely amazing display of courage, very rare nowadays. I just hope that they manage to catch the guy before someone else isn't so fortunate.
  13. steve.s


    :firefirefire: :grin: :lock: :music_guitarorange: :music_guitarred: :music_hifi: :music_singguitar: :nationality_britishpolice: :ninja3: :roflroll2: :sw_soldat: A lot added... More? I can re-order them and give you custom shortcuts to make finding them quicker, Let me know. Also let me know what i've missed, what you want added. :nationality_britishpolice: :nationality_britishpolice: :nationality_britishpolice:
  14. steve.s

    NEW FORUM SOFTWARE -Please read

    I would also like to add that if you wish for your birthday to show int he calendar, you will need to add your birth date to your profile :ph34r:
  15. Looking forward to thoughts on the new forum design