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  1. Mayo

    Police and Criminal Slang

    Some more for you Chi Chi = a name given to a police officer if he F_cks pandas Station stamp = a tea stain on a statement written in the canteen do a crop circle = when invovled in a police vehicle pursuit across fields Mr Stick = knickname given to a police officer who has an itchy truncheon finger Sharking = when getting near to the end of a tour of duty and looking for an arrest that will incur lots of O.T. (used to be very popular on bank holidays and notting hill carnival, for example,when you are on a carrier when one of your collegues makes an arrest that means that everyone will incur OT, due to having to wait for your collegue to do the paperwork before you can return to your own station and not leave him or her stranded there ) OT = to get enough money to pay the mortgage this month Upstairs collecting fares = looking the other way etc Egg on your tie = another meaning for old sweat Station bike (a big no no these days) = a term for a wpc who has been ridden by everyone The Muppets = lay magistrates TSG = Territorial Support Group or Thick and stupid group Station Quatermaster = a term given to a police officer who get hold of extra bits of uniform with no questions asked They are all flooding back to me now. I miss my time in the Met!!
  2. Mayo


    I know this is drifting off the subject a bit but last time I was in the UK I went to a petrol station to refill and saw that next to the sweet counter they were selling handcuffs. They were of a very strong construction and would do the job if required. Is just me or is the owner of the garage being a bit foolish. The handcuffs where not next to the condom display
  3. Mayo

    Holiday Destinations

    Come to Alanya in Turkey where the sea is turquoise, stunning scenery, it never gets cold and there is no crime. A good place to retire too. I am taking bookings now for anyone who is fed up with the UK
  4. Mayo

    Freemasonary and police

    I agree with the last poster, the freemasons is not a secret squirrel club anymore but more like a charity club.