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Auntie Linda

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  1. Auntie Linda

    Jokes for Women

  2. Auntie Linda

    £700 Fine For Uriniating On Train

    I hope that it wasn't a Pendolino....
  3. Auntie Linda

    suggestions on a postcard?

    Congratulations on achieving your Degree, even if you don't think that it's helped at present. It does seem strange that the Force has sponsored you to do that even though you're not employed by them, and on such a subject, too. I don't know whether it's now general practice that no forces take cvs, or whether it's just a few, but I wonder how they manage to recruit anybody! Good idea re. the temp agency even though there might not be much work at the moment; there might be more when people have to take annual leave before the end of the leave year. And if you can get involved with something practical with the Police and the community as well at least they'll know that you are practical AND academic too; how can they resist you?! All the best of luck, and do let us know how you get on.
  4. Auntie Linda

    suggestions on a postcard?

    Hi Noodles, how disappointing for you. But don't despair, there must be a way! What were your degrees in, by the way, if you don't mind me asking? Our Force sends officers and support staff to our local Uni in order to gain degrees when there is a business need, so they might not be such a waste of time. Although you've been a charity volunteer for victims, which I hope would stand you in good stead at an interview, how about looking for something that would bring you into direct contact with the Police - such as, for example, attending Neighbourhood Watch meetings near you, or other community meetings where a Police Officer will be in attendance? Then you'd get to know them, and a bit about policing and procedures, and if you could work with them somehow in the community that you could discuss at interview. Do they ask for a cv when they advertise jobs, or not even then? Have you tried applying to be a PCSO? Some Forces also have offices in local hospitals, does yours do that? You might be able to help them there somehow? Good luck; hope that others can come up with good suggestions and hope that you do achieve your dream; the service needs people who are as committed as you are.
  5. Auntie Linda

    Civilan or Police Staff

    That's really nice, I like it! And rather flattering to think that the Army had a special name for us, too! Auntie Linda38889.3916782407
  6. Auntie Linda

    Civilan or Police Staff

    I've found it too; now - it does look as though he might work in a Police Force as he refers to the reporting system used. Are you still there, John? Come back and join in the debate!
  7. Auntie Linda

    Civilan or Police Staff

    I've never had any trouble either, in all my years here! Maybe John T isn't a Police Officer or a Civvie, so doesn't really understand how well we all work together. I see that he's had 2 posts; anyone seen his other one?
  8. Auntie Linda

    Work this out 3

    Oh dear, and I thought that I was having a bad day.... I quite understand your predicament, and hope that all goes well for you at the hearing. That Mistress Weatherwax woman has a lot to answer for, I know her sort. At least you'll be more careful next time! Hope that you are found not guilty, but if the worst happens, shall I send you red grapes or white?
  9. Auntie Linda

    Work this out 3

    ooook to you too!! Thank you kind Sir, I shall be pleased to accept your offer, and look forward to our date. I'm at a staff briefing all morning about our Best Value Review of Support Services (which cost us £242,632 in consultancy fees according to our local paper); Opening/Closing the Gap; 2015 and our Training Plan. I shall need some PG Garglebs after that! With ice and a slice in mine please and thank you, if you should get there before me - same for you, if I beat you to it and get them in? By the way, I'd been a mousy brown all my life until 3 years ago I dyed my hair blonde without warning anyone at work - and yes, blondes DO have more fun!! I have reverted to my original plumage now though, shame. Auntie Linda38814.374375
  10. Auntie Linda

    A quick funny story at training!

    Thanks for the warning! Hmmm - definitely like the idea of a de-fatting spray, though - I could do with that in several places........
  11. Auntie Linda

    A quick funny story at training!

    Glad that they don't do any of that to us civvy librarians! Though, as I had a ghastly cold this January that lasted for weeks, maybe I would have benefited after all..... I should have asked the lads for a sniff of their stuff, if you'll excuse the phrase. Just out of interest, is there a lesser effect on someone who is wearing contact lenses? I only need to wear a lens in my right eye, and when I peel onions the left eye is streaming but the right eye with the lens in is fine, for some peculiar reason. Auntie Linda38813.5348263889
  12. Auntie Linda

    Favourite Songs.

    Yes, Maverick, Apache - and all Shadows' stuff is brilliant! And I love Reggae and all sorts of other music; too many different kinds to list here, or even to think of immediately. But the one that will always have the power to root me to the spot listening until the end is the original recording of Gerry & the Pacemakers with "Ferry 'cross the Mersey". I hear the first note of that and I'm gone, man, solid gone.
  13. Auntie Linda

    Work this out 3

    and drinking Pan Galactic Gargleblasters
  14. Auntie Linda


    Ooh, no, don't remind me.... I used to join in with that regularly at our end of course discos, but last year was at a wedding reception when it started. I somehow ended up at the front and promptly forgot half of it, so was slapping the floor, waving and bobbing about like the Embarrassing Elderly Relative only to suddenly remember near the end that I had missed bits out because I had nobody in front of me to follow! Everybody behind me was, of course, doing it properly...... It wasn't even as if I was Corporal Jones, one step behind everyone else, I was totally different, in blithe ignorance. Good job we weren't in a real rowing boat. When they all laughed at the Poor Old Soul as I kept craning my neck to see what I should be doing, I was at least able to laugh with them, but was I glad when the music finally stopped. NEXT time, if I can get my creaky self onto the floor, I shall make sure that there is at least one person in front of me! Auntie Linda38803.3558217593
  15. Auntie Linda


    Cruel indeed.... I can still do the Twist, the Shake and the Greaser at functions when the DJ puts on some music for the oldies, but boy do my knees suffer for it the next day....