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  1. alfie

    Handcuff BEFORE arrest ?

    dave 1517 i agree with you. Part of GOWISELY is that they are being detained as part of a search. If they are being evasive, or trying to bin something then of course they have to be cuffed. Try to cuff someone as part of a stop/account may be different, although if they refuse to stop, and you have grounds to stop them then they are being evasive. Cufftime.
  2. alfie

    Gobbed on

    I have never been intentionally spat at, but did cop an eye full of blood from someone who had just been bottled. It was slightly better that it was unintentional than an act of spite. Still waiting for the 6 month all clear, but on the bright side, had a 3 month clear test. Scumbags who spit at officers should be given custodial sentences, no questions asked, first offence whatever. Give them a few years to reflect. Nice.
  3. alfie

    Just getting it off my chest....

    I hate when CID can't be arsed to actually finish a job i started, and give an £80 ticket for Affray!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. alfie

    dont put others down

    Hello Redneck. I think that you are doing what you joined up to do. Pity there aren't more with your attitude. It narks me when people cuff decent jobs because (for example) they are cautionable. Just done a night where i got assaulted. This has happened to me before where the OIC couldn't be arsed and they copped a lower charge/ticket in the morning. :)
  5. alfie


    I agree with LucyJo but it looks good
  6. My section were given a one hour input around 18-19th (i think) of December. Nowt like a bit of early planning. What a complete joke. Biggest piece of legislation for years...........One hour?!?!?!?
  7. alfie

    Blair’s police

    Fingersmuldoon...... You are spot on. Why not make the judges publicly accountable too. I think (that although prone to normal human errors) as a whole, the Police fulfill their end of the deal by prevention and detection of crime. About time judges fulfilled theirs with regards to prosecution. All the while we have the Criminal Protection Service, i don't think there is much hope
  8. alfie

    Blair’s police

    Thats what i was trying to say haha
  9. alfie

    Blair’s police

    If the government were to actually get off their arses and start 'getting tough' on crime............... oh............... and the 'causes of crime' then we might not have too sit in front of an irate panel of pissed off members of the public. To 'win' yourself a nice long stretch inside HMP nowadays, you have to commit a fairly serious crime. Judges can go back to their nice little country houses with gravel drives and relax, not having to worry about what really goes on 'outside' their own world. Some of the sentences you see now, are nothing short of scandalous. Labour needs to smarten itself and it's own image up before deciding to have a pop at the people who actually try (with limited funding, cars, decent equipment and half-decent working environments) to make a difference to this country. He is a typical politician. When something is not going in your favour, pick a controversial subject to deflect criticism away from the 'real' issues. I have never supported Blair, and i never will. It's about time someone in this country actually stood up (without their spine wobbling) and told the criminal fraternity 'The streets are going to be reclaimed. If you commit crime, you will be apprehended and you will be given a prison term. There will be no hiding, and no leniency'
  10. alfie

    Forum Awards

    An award for most pointless post...........ie this one??
  11. alfie

    Does anyone here work for GMP?

    Im sure that you are wanted for harassment now, who's doing the crime report? I don't think you'll ever find him?!?!?!
  12. alfie

    forum topics

    Constantine is a good film. Keanu Reeves, with matrix style effects (what a surprise) with a supernatural edge. Very good film