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Stan Still

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  1. I haven't committed any crime, yet I spent most of my Christmas Day away from the family, to protect people from other people who should have been in prison!
  2. Stan Still

    Police Review to cease publication

    It is true - either that or someone has hacked their site. http://www.policereview.com/jobs/money-matters/ihs-announces-closures-of-janes-police-review
  3. Read what Inspector Gadget has to say on the subject of single crewing. http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/the-truth-about-the-single-crew-policy/
  4. Stan Still

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    I think the content of the exam (which obviously we can't discuss because it's a breach of exam rules) depends on how many sergeants or inspectors forces are needing in the next few years. If it's the same everywhere else, there are three or four years worth of qualified people who haven't even had a sniff of a promotion process yet, so there's not really much demand for any more qualifies officers. So, they make the exam harder, so that fewer pass. One colleague, who has taken the exam a couple of times, tells me that there were a lot fewer candidates in the hall this year!
  5. And then you read this http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=269955236372750&id=269521173082823
  6. Stan Still

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    That only works in the Sergeants Part 1. It's 'B' for the Inspectors exam - trust me, I passed it first time of asking
  7. Stan Still

    By Example

    Inspector Gadget has something to say on this subject - I tend to side with his more cynical and jaded view of the decision.
  8. The result of the PAT won't be announced before November, due to the processes they have to go through. The Staff Side have submitted a very detailed, evidence based case, while the Official Side have just submitted the Winsor recommendations without anything to substantiate what is suggested. In a fair world, the PAT should be swayed by the overwhelming case that the Staff Side will present. We all know that this government doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fair' though.
  9. Stan Still

    Have I missed anything?

    M - thank you. Pen - you haven't changed!
  10. Stan Still

    Have I missed anything?

    Thank you Pen - all I've got to do now is figure out the notification settings and moderator powers, then I'm up and running :)
  11. Stan Still

    Have I missed anything?

    Apart from the upgrade to the forum software that is? I've been off the site for a few months, due to various reasons but now I'm back. How is everybody?
  12. Stan Still

    Careless Driving On The Spot Fines

    A lot of forces are trying to push officers into single crewing, so what will happen? PC X will see motorist Y driving in a careless manner. PC X will issue a ticket. Motorist Y will contest it. It will go to court where the magistrates will see that there is no corroboration of the evidence given by PC X and it is the word of PC X against motorist Y. The case will be dismissed through lack of evidence. PC X will have been called into work on a rest day with more than 15 days notice, subjected to having to sit around for six hours before being cancelled. Motorist Y will be laughing. PC X will never issue another FPN for careless driving. Motorist Y will continue to drive like a k**b until someone gets killed. Cynical? Me?