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    Just a quick note to thank the mod for PMing this poster for me - nice to see helpful, useful, commonsense moderation under the new management Under a different username I was one of many who left under the old regime due to tyrannical and often non-sensical modding I've returned to test the waters and it seems sanity has been restored. I shall be hanging around and will be encouraging others to return
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    Isn't it possible to just stop paying into the pension? Or must you remain in the pension scheme? Each to their own, but cops remaining at work when they could be getting their pension has always baffled me. They are effectively working for next to nothing, seeing as they could be receiving a nice pension for not working. Ok, its a reduced income but then you have to consider you aren't paying into your pension anymore, which boosts it back up to something similar to your current wage. The only way I would keep working for the police after qualifying for retirement is by retiring and then returning to work as civilian staff, that way you get your pension and your salary.
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    It has to be said since the forums have been taken over by Raw media the popularity of all the linked forums has increased drastically, ps.com under the previous regime was getting between 6-10 members daily, now whenever i log into ps.com i see between 60-100 members online which is fantastic. The same goes for UKPO and this forum, the activity has increased drastically since Raw took over. The team at Raw are clearly experienced individuals and know what they are doing. One of the problems with the previous regime was the very strict moderation style they had akin to the leadership style of Kim Jong Un,thankfully the Raw team are much more relaxed which of course has resulted in more popular and stable forums. Just my 2 cents worth......
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    We are alright now CC says we are covered: In a statement today, Mr Bangham, of the NPCC, said police officers responding to emergencies are covered by legal guidance that shows it is not in the public interest to prosecute them.READ MORE "There are clear exemptions in law for officers in these situations. Together with our colleagues in the fire and ambulance services we are deeply proud to be a service that reacts first to protect the public from danger. “Current guidance from the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Crown Prosecution Service already recognises that it is unlikely to be in the public interest to prosecute officers for driving offences while they are responding to emergency calls. "There have been very few incidents in which an officer responding to emergency has been prosecuted or had misconduct charges brought against them." Not for these people……..so why did the guidance not cover them & how can we trust what you say Mr Bangham? PC James Holden was charged PC Vaughan Lowe was charged Adam Steventon was charged PC Lee Drake was found guilty
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    I feel its now more about vengeance than justice. The public have a thirst for blood, and the government want to give it to them to appease them. The country will not rest until people are convicted and perhaps imprisoned. Yet I do wonder how a jury can be found that can be unbiased, and not have knowledge of the disaster, and not have been influenced by media etc. I wonder if this will prevent any court case going ahead, or be grounds for appeal?
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    I agree with the previous two posts. I do not think that the families will ever feel that they have some peace and justice, or be satisfied, I do not think that I would be satisfied, but are they seeking their pound of flesh. I find it amazing, still, that true justice has not been identified. They are blaming, quite rightly, just about everyone involved, Police, Ambulance, Sheffield Wednesday, the F.A., everybody except the fans, who have been exonerated completely. I would, wholeheartedly, agree that the Liverpool fans who were victims were the complete innocents in the whole tragedy, but, to exonerate the fans, on the last minute, some who climbed the gates and those who rushed headlong into the back of the already full pens carry no blame whatsoever. That adds to the injustice of the whole tragic incident. It was a culmination of the F.A. selecting a ground which was unsuitable, Sheffield Wednesday for their Ground safety, and the Police for having a person in charge of the game who was not qualified to deal with such an event, and a complete breakdown of the communications surrounding the event and those taking part. You could also proportion blame on those who decided to make pens at football grounds as a form of crowd control after incidents like Heysel. Am I some sad biased football fan, no I have family in Liverpool and Manchester and have attended at Anfield, and Old Trafford in equal number supporting both teams, but would I dare make these comments on Merseyside?
  7. 2 points
    So far as I can see, no matter what decision was taken by the police in relation to this incident, there was a strong potential liklihood that some form of disaster would happen and the police would be held culpable . If the police had not opened the Leppings Lane gate, to admit those supporters who arrived late, the said supporters would almost certainly have gone of the rampage and caused mayhem of a significant kind which would have attracted the opprobrium of the public etc. towards the police for NOT opening the gates and admitting the late arrivals. I remember an almost identical situation n Glasgow many years ago when it was decided not to open the gates and mounted officers had to be deployed to deal with the irate supporters who declined to disperse. Criticism fell upon the police for their actions in doing exactly the opposite of what happened at Hillsborough. It seems that sometimes you just can't win.
  8. 2 points
    Not at all surprised. As we all know, the Liverpool supporters were not in any way responsible for the events that happened that day. There was no drunkeness nor rowdy behaviour and the responsibility must fall on one man - the Police Officer in command. Someone has to be hung out to dry to appease the families and justify more than UKP 90 millions being spent on investigations. It seems Mr Dukinfield was acquitted after a private prosecution some years ago. If he is acquitted of these new charges, will the CPS (in the tradition of that paragon of justice Tony Bliar) just re-frame the charges until some jury or other finds him guilty to satisfy the baying masses of Liverpudlians!
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    It is a rare opportunity indeed these days. MY first was not a great hit but it started me smoking again, after being stopped for 12 months. Visually I had no problem, as I was told, "Do not think of it as a body, but a piece of meat in a butchers shop. It is a corpse, no feelings but a dead body". I was ok with that as I got the visual impact correct in my mind. However the smell was something that I got completely wrong although, at subsequent P.M.'s it did not affect me because I then knew what to expect. If you want a tip to help with that, get a small jar of "Vick" and smear a very small amount on your nostrils it masks the smell, and that advice was given to me by a pathologist. If you watch and listen you should find it extremely interesting, if he is giving a commentary on what he is doing; showing the sights of a Cardio infarction (Heart attack), or of Cranial haemorrhage (Stroke). If he corpse is of a smoker he/she will show you the condition of the lungs. Non Smoker pink and healthy whereas a smoker will look black and resemble more of a large piece of Coke from a fire. Also prepare yourself for when they use a saw to open the skull, it can be like a dentist drill going through you. There will be many who will leave the room, or even pass out, it is nothing unusual. Hope this does not put you off too much but, hopefully it may prepare you better. Edit, Forgot to mention, the body was once a person so treat the whole process with respect.
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    Hi Bob. I joined 8 years ago as a 40 year old after working in a few other jobs since uni and to be honest I have loved every minute. Its hard work, it can be rewarding, its thankless, its boring and exciting, its funny, its disgusting, you see the best and worst of people, its perverse in that the pay is not nearly enough for the responsibility you have or for the effects you can have on peoples lives, the government generally don't support us and you'll miss a lot of your family. I took a big pay cut to join and now after 8 years I'm earning what I was prior to joining although when you take inflation into account my wages still haven't caught up. You'll also be working rolling shifts and doing a lot of lates and nights so you'll really have to be in the position of wanting to do the job if you take it on. I've spent most of my time on response, but I've had a a period regging as a temporary sergeant and I'm now a DC, so you can move around quite a bit and get experience in different areas and roles. IIRC you get your first increment after 12 months, although that may have changed due to government 'reforms, then every 12 m after that with top wack being achieved after 7 years. Also are you sure that your force starts on £22k because not all do. Good luck.
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    I just wanted to say - Thank you so much to retireandhappy for some really useful advice - what a knowledgeable friendly and helpful guy. I would definitely recommend anyone in need of advice re pensions to speak to him as he has helped me immensely- far more than my own Force and Federation. Thanks again I appreciate your help.
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    Patrick Gibbins was nicknamed "Pat the Cat" by his colleagues in Scotland Yard's Flying Squad because he survived so many battles with violent criminals unscathed. A familiar figure in London policing during the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, Gibbins investigated armed robbers and gangs including the Richardsons, who ruled swathes of the South London underworld. Gibbins twice won the British Empire Medal. The first awarded after the capture in 1964 of Walter Probyn an armed robber and habitual escapee whose exploits captivated the newspapers of the Fifties and Sixties. The second award followed six years later. Probyn had broken out of prison for the 15th time when Gibbins and a police team were tipped off that he was hiding in East London with his wife. The couple were seen to go into a shop in Poplar and the police moved in to arrest him. Probyn fired nine shots as he tried to evade capture. His wife was carrying 174 rounds of ammunition and repeatedly urged her husband to kill Officers. Gibbins managed to grab Mrs Probyn and hold her against the stolen car in which the couple had been planning to escape. Probyn, on the other side of the car, fired twice at Gibbins but missed. Probyn was later sentenced to 12 years for attempting to murder Gibbins. Gibbins was given his second award in 1970 after a gang of robbers tried to ambush a cash delivery to a firm. Gibbins and another officer went after two members of the gang. Both suspects were armed with iron bars and had a bucket filled with ammonia. One robber swung his weapon at Gibbins but the detective knocked him over by swinging the car door at him. As the second man came at him wielding his iron bar Gibbins knocked him down with a punch, but the first robber then smashed Gibbins over the head with his iron bar. Gibbins, blood flowing down his face and clothes, chased after him for half a mile before collapsing through loss of blood. The blow to his head left Gibbins with permanent injuries and he was forced to retire. He had earned 14 Commissioner's commendations, nine commendations from Old Bailey judges and a commendation from the Director of Public Prosecutions. Patrick Gibbins was born in Kenton, North London, in 1930. His father was a publican and he was brought up in Berkshire. He completed his National Service as a Corporal in the Royal Air Force Police and joined the Metropolitan Police in 1950. Patrick Gibbins, BEM and Bar Died on May 25, 2013 aged 83
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    To make it safer for the officer to get out the car?
  14. 1 point
    Tesla is the leader with rapid acceleration 0-60 in But expensive at £50k. An area that is rapidly developing and probably in 10 years we will be struggling to find a new fossil fuelled car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which is precisely what I have been saying all along. I am quite sure the public do not want to see our hands tied even more than they are, which is why the public interest test to prosecute is only likely to be met in the most serious cases where a police driver has got it very wrong. And such cases should always be prosecuted. Turning to a different point I saw in this thread that one Force now discourages radio transmissions because they cost money. Seriously? What a shambolic mess we have got ourselves in.
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    I've also recently seen this website being promoted for help and advice: https://www.call4backup.org/ They come across really well and may be of some use for advice for your problems.
  17. 1 point
    Do you have the option for a neighbourhood team? In my force I do keep busy on NPT but it's a lot slower pace. I spend most my time revisiting victims and doing safety plans and crime prevention. There is still an element of responding but not attached to the radio as much. We have two officers working with our team on restricted duties and they tend to do what we do but over the phone. Keeps us out on patrol more doing face to face visits. Not sure what uniform departments you have but might be worth discussing moving teams.
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    If it was locally resolved then you should have been told about your right to appeal to the Chief Constable or IPCC. You don't say what your complaint was though and if it was about a policy or procedure that was followed rather than the actions of an individual officer then you have no right of appeal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Our force actually came up with a good idea, beggars belief but they have. We have something called Triage cars. Basically The Mental Health Triage scheme sees West Midlands Police officers joined in an unmarked car by psychiatric nurses and paramedics to answer calls from those believed to be suffering from mental ill health. A simple idea that I can't believe isn't a national thing. Is this a help?
  20. 1 point
    Owner of property…………….we do not pay out now, changed days.
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    They are looking for the same qualities in both. The assessment days are slightly different because the assessment day for regulars is a national standard which every home office force must run, where as they tend to do their own thing for specials. But as I said before they want the same qualities in both, so if you can pass one you have a good chance of passing the other. I've done specials, police staff and regulars and they were all very similar, looking for the same skills and qualities.
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    I was overweight and very unfit. I was into bodybuilding and not running,I only began running 8 weeks since I began running. I got a level 7.7 which is not the best. I understand my flaws now its time to make my flaws my strengths.
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    Let's not forget that there are hundreds just like him, who took Policing seriously and put protecting and serving the public as the first priority. The public owe so much to people like him.
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    We have 3 shifts and work 3 lates, 3 days, 3 rest days. Excellent shift pattern especially starting back on a late and finishing on a day.
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    How do you keep blonde Essex Girl busy for hours. Write 'please turn over' on both sides of a piece of paper.