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    That's the best you can do?Really??? Where did I say she attacked me with a knife?? Have you ever tried to video someone who is attacking you??The investigating officer has the video so that is what is important and not your amateurish assessment. I hope when you were a serving officer you were not as lazy have you have been here and you got your facts right. What advice have I ignored? To see a sol?Then if everyone did that it makes this site meaningless. You won't reply to this because you are going to ignore me thankfully.
  2. 1 point
    An injunction (non mol) would be to keep her away from me.It doesn't deal with what happened regards the attack. It's not a 'petty squable'.She made another false allegation which resulted in my detention.If the Police did not want to get involved in 'petty squables' they would have warned her about false allegations a long time ago and also not arrested me.
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    You didn't ignore me.I knew you couldn't resist.