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    Thank you both for your replies 🙂 . deep down I probably know I need to move on .... feels like I’m giving up and letting it beat me ! I have spoken to the fed who intimated ‘I’m relatively cheap to get rid of’ lol ... I have obtained figures that were surprisingly good.... billysboots we would be in a similar position .... the pressure would be off and I could get something that enables me to be with the kids more / less commuting etc & still bring home the same monthly amount i may not get it so I’ll let fate decide what’s best for me ... letter signed & sent this morning :-0 Thanks both
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    My wife was ill healthed in almost the precise same circumstances. Same service, same illness, the lot. When we saw what she would receive pension wise, the question was simple. Did she want a career in the police or a job? She wanted a job - no aspirations in the cops, so the answer was an easy one. She signed on the dotted line, took the cash and we paid off the mortgage fifteen years early. Okay, so we won’t get two full police pensions, but we are seeing the benefits now, whilst the kids are still at home and my wife has none of the stress being a cop brings. I get enough of that for both of us. Our quality of life was more important than the salary - she now works part time, and with her pension is almost bringing home what she did before she left.
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    Keep in touch with the Federation who should support you. They can also advise you as to what you will actually get if you do take an Ill Health Pension. No one can tell you what to do or, make the decision for you. However, the main thing is your health which comes before anything else. I would imagine that being a DC would just put extra stress on your position. You do say that your Force has been fantastic and supportive. If that is so I would think that they would go along with any decision you make, and that may be employment in a less stressful role. What ever you decide I hope that you have a long and healthy future.