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    It has to be said since the forums have been taken over by Raw media the popularity of all the linked forums has increased drastically, ps.com under the previous regime was getting between 6-10 members daily, now whenever i log into ps.com i see between 60-100 members online which is fantastic. The same goes for UKPO and this forum, the activity has increased drastically since Raw took over. The team at Raw are clearly experienced individuals and know what they are doing. One of the problems with the previous regime was the very strict moderation style they had akin to the leadership style of Kim Jong Un,thankfully the Raw team are much more relaxed which of course has resulted in more popular and stable forums. Just my 2 cents worth......
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    Tesla is the leader with rapid acceleration 0-60 in But expensive at £50k. An area that is rapidly developing and probably in 10 years we will be struggling to find a new fossil fuelled car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It really all depends, if an officer has been drinking alcohol then it's highly unlikely they will step in. Equally, even if they haven't been drinking it's probably best to just call for on-duty units and be a "professional witness" as they won't have any radio or protective equipment and if the person tries to fight they could be at a handi-cap. General rule of thumb is, unless you absolutely have to don't bother getting involved as you could cause more trouble.
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    As PCW has said, welcome (croeso) to the forum. It's good to see new people on here. There were people on the forum a while ago and it (the forum) was a tad different then and quite a few of the people have 'gone missing' since the site changed.