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  1. 3 points
    So the way I see it, not having been there & not knowing the full circumstances, is that a former sportsman/ athlete who presumably at least looked in good shape & able to handle himself had attempted to kill his father. Officers were deployed with taser equipped. This may just by chance be the officers that were available or if there was history wth the individual/ address may have been deployed specifically because the were carrying taser. On arrival they had a number of choices based on what they were confronted with. 1. Do nothing & let him continue to attempt or murder his father. Result = Possible death/ serious injury of father & officers suspended. 2. Get physical/ hands on with suspect taking the chance of contamination from his blood, him being fit enough to overpower or disarm them at close range & increase any excited delirium putting great strain on body organs. Result = Possible serious injury/ death of suspect, officers or others. Officers suspended. 3. Utilise non lethal personal safety equipment from a distance in order to keep safe, subdue the suspect & take him into custody with the intention of keeping the victim, public & officers safe. Result= Sadly we know the result of this. Officers suspended. If of course they've gone on to kick him on the ground as alleged by one witness, who surprisingly didn't manage to film it on her mobile phone, then there is very little excuse. I'm a bit dubious that only the one person seems to have witnessed this though. Ultimately it was a no win situation for the officers. Even if they knew of his medical condition they had to do something to attempt to subdue him & there's nothing to say he wouldn't have died anyway. I find the press statement which appears to be hanging them out to dry pretty disgusting. Yes give condolences/ support to the family but don't treat officers as presumed guilty until proven innocent. I can't imagine the stress & turmoil them & their families are currently going through.
  2. 1 point
    http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/black-lives-matter-protesters-gather-in-whitechapel-on-day-of-nationwide-shutdown-a3313356.html I some times wonder and despair at the motivation of some groups. This stems from groups and actions in the USA and nothing to do with us. They are trying to highlight the deaths of Black people at the hands of the Police. It has been timed to coincide with the death of Mark Duggan, a case which has been to an inquest. with jury, who found the death was lawful. In the case of Gunner Lee Rigby has was stabbed to death by two black radicalised men. Armed Police attended with weapons and yet nobody offender was killed. If ever there was a case that could have ended in death of the assailant, perhaps, that was it. I am more concerned that All Lives Matter. It does not matter if you are White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Pink or what ever. Every person has a right to life, but if you move in circles where a gun is a status symbol or something to be carried then you are playing with fire and it will end in death. It is more likely that those responsible will be from your own walk of life. Perhaps they should be more concerned and devote their attentions to the Black on Black deaths by knife and Gun crime in the capital and other parts of the country. I am sick and tired of the Police being ridiculed and held up as the villains. When will someone in authority stand up and publicly say it how it is and stop apologising for lawful actions by ARO's. Perhaps I should take a blood pressure tablet.
  3. 1 point
    If i had a taser ticket I would be handing it in.
  4. 1 point
    As always, in matters of this nature, it quickly becomes forgotten that the injured/deceased individual sustained whatever harm occured to them as a result of behaving in a violent and disorderly manner in the first place. I'm sure the officers concerned did not arrive at the scene of the matter under review and decide to Taser someone just for the Hell of it. I am not surprised the officers are now the subject of a criminal enquiry. The ways things are, the powers- that-be would inaugurate such an enquiry just to show that they were `doing something.'
  5. 1 point
    There was a report which stated that when confronted by the police, the man was outside the property trying to get back in so the attempted strangulation episode had passed. According to a previous post by ITYO the man had been reported as being covered in blood which his brother said had come from him pulling out a dialysis tube (from himself) but I don't feel the police could have been aware of this. and in the dark all they sw was blood but didn't know where it came from. The PM has not come up with a cause of death but I am thinking along the lines of the man was receiving dialysis and then chose to remove the tube himself causing him to bleed. I wonder could this have been the action of a man not in possession of his senses, this situation may possibly pushed his heart over the top and it just gave up. Pure conjecture but I am sure that if it was fed to the Daily mail they would print it as the truth! (There again they wouldn't, because it didn't condemn the police) Again a split second assessment of the situation where they had to decide what to do, something the press and a few other well 'advised' commentators don't seem to be able to grasp. The closest they come to that is do we put 2 spoons of sugar in the coffee or only one!
  6. 1 point
    The racism arguments seem to me to actually support us and yet they are presented as if to the contrary.... A black person 17x more likely to be suffering from a psychosis and therefore significantly more likely to be violent and therefore more likely to need a degree of force to be used.... What are they saying exactly?????