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    Hi Everyone, I have my final interview for WYP on the 28th, I have to conduct a 10 minute presentation, unaided with no notes. I have answers for the questions they want however, do they expect you to remember all the questions you want to answer? Or will they prompt you and you just respond? Dont want to drop marks if i can help in the interview if i miss out a question they have asked, just because im nervous! Many thanks, James.
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    4 years ago Paul Pogba left United for Juventus for £800,000. He now comes back for 105.000,000 Euro's. That must be good business for Juventus. I have been an avid Man United fan since boyhood, and a reluctant Liverpool Fan through the in laws. No person is worth £200,000 per week, but, at United Wayne Rooney is on £220,000 and this money comes from the fans who are bled dry by the club. Although I am a red right through for the last few years I have refused to pay at attend Old Trafford. It is my way of protest even though it will not make one bit of a difference. Is it any wonder that footballers think that they are a law unto themselves. Over the last 2 years United have been like Liverpool and paid money for deadwood players who they now have to unload. At United there are at least 6 first team squad players who are not good enough to wear the United shirt. Young players from the academy are just not getting their fair chance, the two exceptions being Linguard and Rashford. We will have to see if they are given a proper chance or if they have to leave like Pogba. Football has gone mad.
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    Hi, Sorry to be bombarding the forum with questions, I have passed my fitness test for WYP and fingers crossed i can pass my final interview. Once i have done this do i go for a medical? Im 6ft 3 and really big build ( not going to lie ) i am overweight but if i get in im hoping been more proactive on the job will get me fitter, I am going to try losing weight now however when i go for my medical can they reject me because my BMI is over 32? I've read on the MET's website that they reject applicants with BMI's over 32. I will be truly devastated if thats the thing that holds me back, I'm currently a special constable and passed my hearing and eye test etc when i applied for that, they didnt say anything too serious about my weight then, just that it needs improving which im trying, but they arent as strict are they? Thanks again, James.
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    I meant press such as BBC news, Sky news. I did not see any stories about the rise in crime being splashed all over these programmes. When crime was going down it was headline news.