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    The 1st word would be spelled with a letter 'e' rather than 'u' (well thats the way it was pronounced in Mrs Brown's Boys and Father Ted)!!!
  3. 1 point
    Sorry skydiver but.....3 days??? It's a shame there isn't a bank holiday for you to cash in on before you leave!! Well done, enjoy your retirement!
  4. 1 point
    3 days...wow. You got your party hat on?
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    People fightin for BH payment? Not in my nick they're not. You work it if you're forced to, and if you get allocated' to work you generally have a real problem to find a replacement. A sign of the times....... Still, on the upside, I have just over 800 days in total to push!!
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    I think almost everyone who served over there at some time was in a situation where shots were fired at where they were, although not neccessarily deliberately targeting them, it still made you duck for cover or return fire. I know it happened to my section. That fire came from over the border in Eire. So we have no chance of finding out who it was so the same should apply elsewhere.