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  1. 2 points
    I'm not a fed rep but I would say you need to do the grievance 1st, as it's the 1st step. That way everything is recorded. If the outcome is not satisfactory then take it to the next step. With the limited info you've given, it seems strange that you wouldn't follow the grievance 1st then see what happens. But then again I don't know the full circs. Just my opinion of course.
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    OK, just got back from an upsetting weekend away, to find this thread. It has really p*ssed me off, mainly because I feel it's very unjustified. As mods we rarely shut down threads, uphold the concept of not making any posts personal, and try to be very fair. I would also remind people that there is a forum rule that open forum attacks on the moderation are not allowed, and that complaints should be done by PM so that the complaint can be discussed by the mods without the whole thing becoming a flame war. So this thread breaches that rule. I am therefore locking it.
  3. 1 point
    Yes, while I have on occasion disagreed with a mod decision I can always see why it was made and I've never got a sense of them silencing the undesirables apart from once and I think I was in the minority on that occasion- That was the visit we got from the "Freemen"- I'm all up for debating them but not everyone is like me and after a few pages the threads were shut on the grounds of circular argumentation. -Again I can see exactly why it was done. I think this thread is a bit of an unfair indictment. The fact its allowed to continue and hasn't been deleted says something I think. HMS
  4. 1 point
    As apposed to some other forums with little or no moderation where the threads are taken over by stupid smileys, comments or misquotes and new members run out of town before they get a chance to get established! Forums are tricky places over all, but at least you can debate on here. Threads don't tend to get closed unless it gets personal.
  5. 1 point
    Halliday, your degree will help your application as will your obvious determination as you've stuck a Uni degree then found work. I would suggest getting help and advice about how to answer the questions on the app form, there is a knack to it, and you need to identify what they are trying to get from you. Also, you need to get past any paper sift. Also consider being a Special Constable, it's a recognised route through and would give you a great understanding of what's to come. It could also find you a mentor. No one can tell you you're doing the wrong thing, no matter how many older disillusioned cops may try. My own daughter is presently applying, she has a degree and a masters degree, is in full time employment paying thousands more than the police, can I dissuade her from trying? No, of course not, and no one would have dissuaded me at her age either! Very best of luck to you, let us know how you get on.
  6. 1 point
    Obviously I don't know the ins and outs but keep a log if you're not already and gather evidence. Also depending in the nature of the bullying. If there is a criminal offence occurring, report it. Think harassment, public order, assaults etc. just thinking outside the box....
  7. 1 point
    You forgot Theresa May, it must have been her doing.
  8. 1 point
    Yes but it was the fault of the Tories that they couldn't find it. And the Federation who were too spineless to point out where it was.
  9. 1 point
    Is it only proponents of Labour who couldn't find it? Sent from me using witchcraft
  10. 1 point
    It seems that, unlike you, some people are incapable of reading, or understanding. It is not censorship at all. FOR GOD'S SAKE IT HAS BEEN MOVED TO NON-POLICE CHAT. I have just shouted for the sake of the deaf.
  11. 1 point
    You mention crtp. Off the top if my head I can add SPP, double time for rest day working less than five and a minimum of 4 when going into a rest day, I am sure there are others in addition to pension changes. My main gripe with the Tory approach was all the rubbish about 'fairness' and 'last unreformed public service'. They made it personal. The crack about last unreformed public service is right up there with the Thatcher governments 'politics of envy', terms used in order to win over public favour, stifle debate and railroad their agenda.
  12. 1 point
    And let's not forget the billions and billions given to 3rd world countries in the name of aid, being used for war, space programs and the home furnishings of tyrants - they have my total CONDEMnation for that If labour bankrupted us, the Tories have made it worse by adding 360b to the problem - a lot of which they have given to foreign despots. Genius.
  13. 1 point
    And the banking crisis which tipped the world's economies into the abyss was in the main due to greedy bankers who are of course extremely rich on the back of the whole thing. Gordon Brown of course sold gold to help with the bailout - re did not receive condemntation from other world leaders but praise. Instead public services and Britain in general received CONDEM nation and are still feeling it in their pockets and lifestyles whilst the rich friends of HMG enjoy the proceeds of buggering up the world's finances. But it is okay as we are all in it together - as it happens my basic pay is also down too.
  14. 1 point
    The same old response to the same old point - No, Labour didn't cause the recession, and I don't think anyone has said they did. What they didn't do was prepare for the inevitable 'seven lean years' during the 'seven fat years'. They picked up a decent economy from Major's Government and then said, 'Let's spend, spend, spend, spend, spend.' We can build hospitals and increase the public sector so it looks like there are more jobs, and make everyone feel happy. And while the global economy was good (through no good work by Labour) everything was ok. Sent from me using Witchcraft
  15. 1 point
    To be fair, the retired people on here think they know what we are going through, but can't know because it isn't affecting them..It is easy to say we had it too good for too long, but it is a LOT easier to say it from the comfort of the sidelines where you are sat with a 2/3rds final salary, index-linked pension and a chunky lump sum sat in the bank... It's a bit like national fed saying they are fighting for us and feel our pain. No they aren't and no they don't.
  16. 1 point
    How long are people allowed to blame Labour for everything? How long before we can all really start to blame the Tories for what's happening? We are coming the end of the the term of government which has the Tories at the helm. Other public sector workers have had the same pay restraints as the Police, but I'm not aware that they have had money taken from them like police officers have. That was a Tory decision and nothing to do with being bankrupt. Politicians constantly drone on and on about it was the last governments fault about many things. It's rubbish and a mere smokescreen to say that they've cut police officers wages because the country is so poor. The only reasons they've picked on us is because of the fact we can do nothing to stop them. Other public sector workers can. The Tories have now got a hatred of the police due to the expenses scandal involving many many MPS's (who keep saying the country is broke but continue to spend, spend, spend), pleb gate and poor Mrs May getting booed at a conference. Still if people wish to believe that officers have less now than 5 years ago in their monthly take home pay because the country is poor, then they are clearly living in cloud cuckoo land and look at everything in the same blue tinted glasses that other tories use. The people on here who defend the government are by and large retired and unaffected by the changes handed out to the police.