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    Like RM said yes. Different departments regularly provide back up to other departments, duties get extended, rest days get cancelled, people get calls at home....
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    Yes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Presumably when you and your car have been searched, the reason for the search has been explained to you? What grounds for searching have been given? Have you not been offered and given a copy of the search record?
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    Hi @SunshineyMood, I have taken the liberty of moving your post to a more apt place as you had posted in the news section. Have you spoken with the force in question, for instance attended at the station to clarify why this may be and what you can do about this?
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    Yes and it happens all the time, although there are rules and restrictions on some of the things we can do. Your point about the phone trace for example would require a RIPA authority which has to come from a Superintendent. It ranges from a shop lifter where we might get witness statements and CCTV, followed by identifying them then using various means to find and address and to locate them, to surveillance of a gang where we have to gather a lot of evidence prior to arrest to try to get as many of the members as possible without tipping off other suspects.
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    Hopefully everyone is aware of RUN HIDE TELL Obviously the TELL phase should include dialing 999, but what if you're in hiding and can't speak for fear of discovery? Then you can use the "55 Silent Solution." Once you are connected to the operator just dial 55 on your mobile phone and that will tell them for sure that this is an emergency and that you cannot speak. Another - and potentially safer - option is to send a text to the emergency operator, but you need to register your mobile number first: send "register" to 999 and follow the instructions on the return text. These facilities are not just for CT incidents but can be used in any emergency when it's not possible to speak (eg Mountain Rescue Teams often prefer a text as voice calls can be difficult in bad weather) so I encourage everyone to register and spread the word. Be safe out there RUN HIDE TELL: http://www.npcc.police.uk/NPCCBusinessAreas/WeaponAttacksStaySafe.aspx 55 SILENT SOLUTION: https://news.npcc.police.uk/releases/police-should-review-and-improve-the-informative-given-about-silent-solutions EMERGENCY TEXT: http://www.emergencysms.org.uk  While you're registering with 999 you might want to consider supporting this as well... https://www.childrescuealert.org.uk