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  2. under 5

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Keep em peeled for VS. Nothing to report. Not long to go before I cash out!
  3. under 5

    Shift Change following court

    Appreciate its the weekend now. All they have to do is pay you for the weekend time and a half they can do it.
  4. Last week
  5. Good evenings guys, Response Cop with 10 years here. Months ago I had my duties changed for a two week crown court trial. As a result I booked and paid for a tough mudder on the weekend between the two weeks (this Sunday) I was stood down from court three days into the trial (today) my intention was to work the next two days 0800-1700 as per rostered and have the weekend off. My gaffer has just called and said he wants me to work back on shift tomorrow onwards which would mean nights for this weekend. I explained about the tough mudder and my take on police regs. He just replied that they were short staffed and I was required to work. Can they do this? I thought if only it was an emergency...they have known about this trial for months and should have made changes for staffing. its really awkward as I like him but my wife and I have paid this money out for the weekend 🤬
  6. billysboots

    Writing witness statements

    1. No. Any police investigation where the victim statement has been taken by their spouse, police officer or not, would come in for huge criticism. I’m staggered you are even asking the question. 2. No. There is a world of difference between writing a medical statement and your own victim statement. Does she know all about the points to prove, R v Turnbull etc? What service do you have? These are questions I would not really expect a serving officer to ask.
  7. My Mrs (non police) regularly writes statements for the police (medical statements) My Mrs was involved in a incident at her work together with other staff members, one of whom was headbutted. When she came home and told me what had happened she told me the lad had knocked his urine over her deliberately whilst kicking off. I told he was had happened to her was also assault. She tells me the attending officers (from a neighbouring force) didn't explain that. She then realised she should make a complaint. From the info I had been told I rang the neighbouring force control room and was put through to one of the officers who attended. I explained I was in the job in a neighbouring force and that my Mrs would like to give a statement. I said I could get that for them and scan it to them (the arrested male was pissed and still in custody and would be interviewed later that night.) My question is 1. Could I take a statement from her. (Easiest way dye to distances involved and the fact the chap could be interviewed about both assaults at the same time) 2. Could she write her own statement (that she had done many times before although more for medical expert stuff) Any feedback appreciated.
  8. Techie1

    CS gas vs CS spray

    On twitter:
  9. Calling all people from an army background (or others with relevant experience) who joined the police who have suffered the wonders of the CBRN gas chamber during basic, and then gone onto cs spray exposure during initial police training - in your opinion what's worse? I've previously gone through CBRN training in the army ('twas delightful) and have got my cs exposure with the police coming up soon. In the interests of managing expectations should I expect better or worse? (or the same?).
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  11. Ding Dong Delly

    Ill Health Pension - should I or should I not

    Thank you both for your replies 🙂 . deep down I probably know I need to move on .... feels like I’m giving up and letting it beat me ! I have spoken to the fed who intimated ‘I’m relatively cheap to get rid of’ lol ... I have obtained figures that were surprisingly good.... billysboots we would be in a similar position .... the pressure would be off and I could get something that enables me to be with the kids more / less commuting etc & still bring home the same monthly amount i may not get it so I’ll let fate decide what’s best for me ... letter signed & sent this morning :-0 Thanks both
  12. billysboots

    Ill Health Pension - should I or should I not

    My wife was ill healthed in almost the precise same circumstances. Same service, same illness, the lot. When we saw what she would receive pension wise, the question was simple. Did she want a career in the police or a job? She wanted a job - no aspirations in the cops, so the answer was an easy one. She signed on the dotted line, took the cash and we paid off the mortgage fifteen years early. Okay, so we won’t get two full police pensions, but we are seeing the benefits now, whilst the kids are still at home and my wife has none of the stress being a cop brings. I get enough of that for both of us. Our quality of life was more important than the salary - she now works part time, and with her pension is almost bringing home what she did before she left.
  13. Zulu 22

    Ill Health Pension - should I or should I not

    Keep in touch with the Federation who should support you. They can also advise you as to what you will actually get if you do take an Ill Health Pension. No one can tell you what to do or, make the decision for you. However, the main thing is your health which comes before anything else. I would imagine that being a DC would just put extra stress on your position. You do say that your Force has been fantastic and supportive. If that is so I would think that they would go along with any decision you make, and that may be employment in a less stressful role. What ever you decide I hope that you have a long and healthy future.
  14. Ding Dong Delly

    Ill Health Pension - should I or should I not

    Apologies pressed enter............ I know no one can tell me what to do but to hear others opinions may help me decide.. Thank you for your time :-)
  15. Where do I start... I know no one will tell me what to do in my circumstances but I am hoping by reaching out on this forum that others may have advice or knowledge to help me make this ridiculously hard decision! I guess I am asking what would you do? I am a DC & have 15 years in the job. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. I am very lucky in that my surgeon achieved full clearance. I am monitored with MRI' often so although I have a risk of it returning it should e caught early. The craniotomy was the easy part though and I had a long tough recovery which still affects me now :-(. Surgery left me with Epilepsy albeit minor focal seizures. I have just lost my driving licence again which adds to my frustration. The really tough bit is realising I am 'different' and that surgery left me with changes in my personality. I have been back at work on and off due to changes in anti seizure meds etc. over the last three years. I have been working with my neuropsychologist to try & identify the changes which affect my ability to concentrate. I switch off quite quick even if its something I am interested in! My return to work has been a battle where I have been fighting to return to the person I was but struggling with agitation, frustration of not being able to do what I used too! I struggle to feel of some use in my role, feel pretty useless at times. The job have been so supportive & patient with me. Following a recent Occ Health Appt the force Dr stated if I wanted to consider ill health he would support me. So now I am considering whether this is an option I should consider. Financially I would not suffer later in my years ( if I make it) if I realised a pension now. There is no guarantee I would even get ill health pension. I sit here weighing up my options - do I apply for ill Health and start again?. Be nearer my family, work local to my home so constantly juggling my driving licence is less of a strain. Yes that sounds great if it is achievable especially with the job changing so much... will I be booted to a department I don't want to be in? Will I suffer a pay cut in future if I remain restricted? Will but..... I also appreciate what fantastic employers I have. What if my tumour comes back... then I have the support both financial & personal to fight it again.. but I have the cognitive changes to struggle with everyday..
  16. Having looked at this again, I realise something I overlooked. Section 24.2 The Zebra, Pelican and Puffin Pedestrian Crossings Regulations and General Directions 1997 (now incorporated in 2016 TSRGD), clarifies the meaning of any vehicle in Section 24.1 above: 24.(2) In paragraph (1)— (a) the reference to a motor vehicle in sub-paragraph (a) is, in a case where more than one motor vehicle is proceeding in the same direction as the approaching vehicle in a controlled area, a reference to the motor vehicle nearest to the crossing; and (b) the reference to a stationary vehicle is, in a case where more than one vehicle is stationary in a controlled area for the purpose of complying with regulation 23, 25 or 26, a reference to the stationary vehicle nearest the crossing. I interpret this as meaning the lead vehicle, so you can overtake vehicles behind the lead vehicle moving towards the crossing (a), and, in (b) you can pass vehicles up to but not the lead vehicle if they are stationery to comply with the crossing, contrary to what I suggested above. This would be consistent with the HighWay Code book we all use so I apologise and take a slice of humble pie for any confusion caused.
  17. mikeh2000

    Misuse of Computer Act query

    Thanks for the reply , I've got one ongoing complaint from the 3rd March, to which I've had no response whatsoever, although when I contacted the OIPC about the lack of response, they came back with the fact that the force had received my complaint and would be writing to me in due course, and its well over the 15 days in which they are meant to reply. The National press are interested in my case as there were so many wrongdoings done by the Police, but I can't really go any further with that until the Police have come back with a result to my complaint. I actually want the photos recovered, but I know she won't release the computer, and as I can't get it myself, and she won't let anyone else do so, I'm stuck.
  18. Reasonable Man

    Misuse of Computer Act query

    Yes it is an offence. But good luck trying to get the police investigating it. The crime is one not recorded by the police but by the NFIB via Action Fraud. Having reported this the local police should record a 'local case management record' as there is a local suspect so it is within their remit to investigate. To do so would require seizing the computer and having it forensically examined to identify what was done and when - and then proving that it could not have been you. I think it will not be in their serious enough to deal with pile. That said you should still insist that they record it and get a reference number. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Fedster

    Misuse of Computer Act query

    We are happy for this topic to continue providing you read and understand the below. LEGAL DISCLAIMER Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. The forum disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site, including - but not limited to - any documents available for download. Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice from a solicitor.
  20. mikeh2000

    Vehicle seized

    Hi Steve, I'm an ex traffic officer and resigned 6 months ago now. With regards to an ERO, that would be an Evidential Review Officer, who oversees the case, and with regards to vehicle charges then you should not be charged while the Police still have it in their possession and have not released it to you, then you should not be subject to any charges, but that will also depend on whether you would have had to have the car recovered due to the damage etc, or whether it was driveable. Once the vehicle is released to you however, you should be notified as to when it will be, and from then on you will be responsible for any storage charges.
  21. mikeh2000

    Misuse of Computer Act query

    I'm going through a very difficult separation at the moment, my wife had me arrested and charged with several offence, all of which were dropped by the CPS when they reviewed the evidence(think of the student with the rape allegation where the Police did not disclose the text messages the victim sent him, it's similar). With her lies she managed to obtain a non molestation order, which prevents me from attending my own house, or living in it, and this is where my query comes from. There is a family computer, on which I am my children have our own password protected accounts. My wife has somehow bypassed my password, and deleted all my personal files, which includes photographs from years ago, and from before we were even married. I contacted her solicitor about it, as I;m not allowed to contact her, and I found out via Facebook, but got no answer, aos contacted the Police, as reading about the misuse of computer act, she has commited two offences, one is to somehow bypass my password, and the second one is to delete my files. The Police however told me that as it was a shared computer with shared files, plus no tangible evidence, then she has not commited any offences. The files were not shared, she did not even use the computer, I recontacted the Police about it, but they have not replied as of yet. Is this an offence, a Police friend I spoke to said it was, as when he logs onto his work computer it says it is an offence to log onto someone else's account.
  22. Steves Dolan

    Vehicle seized

    Hi all, first post stumbled across when searching for info. I had my car taken for evidence as part of an arrest due to me retaliating and fighting with an idiot who broke my windscreen and started to attack me. Anyway I was released 20 or so hours later and upon release was told the car is not an issue and was given numbers of police officers to call and arrange the car so I could get it collected. Couldn't get through either number as both went direct to answer machine, then each number I tried (101, local custody suite etc etc) after this over a period of days gave me no more infor, I had just hit a brick wall of a system. I was told the 2 numbers I was originally given are on days off. One officer got back to me upon his return and told me I had been given wrong info and he cant release the cars, he has nothing to do with that, he was just an "ERO" ? he said hed look into it and get me the number when back on shift (fair play) . The day after he gave me a number of a DO who when I called was also on rest days, so all in all 5 days have passed till it got released and the email/forms sent so I can go and collect the car. Do you think I would still liable to pay for the storage of this car for 5 days seeing as I was released without charge 5 days prior and have made 15-20 calls etc to get the car since then?
  23. Horse_renoir

    Working after IHR

    Hi guys, seeking advice....i've a little over 12 years service. In the past year i've had three operations on my spine and, while I can still walk, i'm in near constant pain. While it's certainly not ideal, I'm in the process of trying to get a medical retirement but the pension isn't great. From my reading of the pension rules, I can work so long as it isn't over an average of 33 hours per week. I'm looking at a job with the border force working on the passport control desk at a local airport. The job is advertised as part time. From April until September it's a 36 hour week. The rest of the time it's an 18 hour week, so the average over the year is something like 24 hours. Does anyone know whether the 33 hour average figure is over a rolling year?
  24. Direct entry DCs are not exactly the most popular change to happen to the police in recent years, partly because police look at candidates as missing out on the hard, boring and unpleasant side of the job by starting straight away as an investigator who doesn't get their hands dirty. I may also be misinterpreting Susan's thought process behind her debate to go for a uniformed role or to reapply as a DE DC, but I hope you're not looking at a uniformed role as being second best in comparison to the DCs role. Starting in uniform gives you a great grounding in dealing with a wide variety of incidents right at the start of the process and also gets you used to dealing with aggression as well as the smells and unpleasant side of the job. It also means that you might have more opportunity to move around more later which may mean better promotion prospects if that interests you.
  25. billysboots

    Any New Direct Entry Detective Trainees on here

    I’m sorry to say this, Susan, but in the event you finally get in as a direct entry detective, and any of your new colleagues, uniform or otherwise, find out that you turned down an opportunity to take a more traditional route, you are likely to find yourself getting some stick. The police service have become obsessed with direct entry into certain roles, and as a time served DS I can tell you there is no substitute for a varied grounding in uniform duties before taking the plunge and becoming PIP2 qualified. It also disappoints me that Forces even contemplate offering a direct entry route into detective posts, given that many really good uniformed colleagues, who are chomping at the bit to become detectives, are never afforded the opportunity.
  26. OldAfricaHand

    Any New Direct Entry Detective Trainees on here

    I wonder what your motivation is for joining the Police if you are turned down for a Detective position , are offered a uniformed position instead but are now uncertain whether uniform is an option you want to pursue. Being a Police Officer - in whatever position - is an all-encompassing life not just a job that works regular hours. Perhaps like my icon, I am a bit of a dinosaur but some time / experience in uniform could only make you a better detective.
  27. keith.dolan1

    Boots , recommendations.

    Hi. Congrats. Probably Altbergs. Peacekeeper P1 Aqua’s are great. Police Federation give discounts. [emoji3][emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. Hey folks, I’m seeing lots of people with coloured ends on their airwave terminal antenna’s. Some are blue, others hi-vis. Where do you get them? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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