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  2. Billy Blue Tac

    Personal Safety

    Hopefully everyone is aware of RUN HIDE TELL Obviously the TELL phase should include dialing 999, but what if you're in hiding and can't speak for fear of discovery? Then you can use the "55 Silent Solution." Once you are connected to the operator just dial 55 on your mobile phone and that will tell them for sure that this is an emergency and that you cannot speak. Another - and potentially safer - option is to send a text to the emergency operator, but you need to register your mobile number first: send "register" to 999 and follow the instructions on the return text. These facilities are not just for CT incidents but can be used in any emergency when it's not possible to speak (eg Mountain Rescue Teams often prefer a text as voice calls can be difficult in bad weather) so I encourage everyone to register and spread the word. Be safe out there RUN HIDE TELL: http://www.npcc.police.uk/NPCCBusinessAreas/WeaponAttacksStaySafe.aspx 55 SILENT SOLUTION: https://news.npcc.police.uk/releases/police-should-review-and-improve-the-informative-given-about-silent-solutions EMERGENCY TEXT: http://www.emergencysms.org.uk  While you're registering with 999 you might want to consider supporting this as well... https://www.childrescuealert.org.uk
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  5. MCMXC

    Cloned Number Plates

    Thanks for the reply. I have just received another fine in the post, which has been quashed. This time the area was covered by CCTV, but all the police said was that they were looking into it. Does anyone know if the police would have reference numbers in relation to my calls to them, just in case I need to take this further? I did mention it during my call to them, but they just said they were looking into it. Thanks.
  6. IanJackson

    Portable cordless angle grinders and crime

    I believe purchases for these types of tools (Especially those that can be used as a crime) should be heavily controlled using techniques which binds such as serial numbers to indentify the product and using biometics, blood samples,finger prints,dna etc.. to identify the purchases in a attempt to stop crime. Like how the USA attempt to control guns.
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  8. Reasonable Man

    Public order offences in custody??

    Glad I could be of help. I guess as when I started going around the block it was pre Public Order Act 1986, pre PACE and pre CPS. Town Police Clauses and Vagrancy Acts was the bread and butter. Every day’s a school day, as they say. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I will conclude with saying... As I mentioned before I have insurance, car tax on my car it's fully road worthy (It hasn't got MOT because it's only a 17 Plate). I was just expressing my concerns. just because I don't agree with things unfortunately if you don't follow them you go to jail.
  10. I have seen this type of post before on another forum shortly before a contributor was banned. I would never claim to be perfect but the composition and English is deplorable. The whole post smacks of Freeman of the Land. It certainly is not rational thinking. The Laws are there for the protection of the people. Quite simple for Ian Jackson, if you do not believe in the Laws then please do break them but, do not complain when you are prosecuted. If you choose to not insure a car then the chances are that you will be caught and the car will be confiscated. My only concern is that, now being retired, it will not be me making the confiscation or instigating the prosecution.
  11. It’s your choice whether you insure your vehicle or not. While you would break the law by not being insured it is still your choice to pay and to comply with the law or not. Some people do not insure their vehicles based on the likelihood of a) getting caught; and having a blameworthy incident. You may believe that you will never cause harm to anyone but what if you had a moments lapse of concentration resulting in another requiring several millions of pounds worth of medical treatment over their lifetime. Could you pay for that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. People have been in trouble before for things they haven't done. Let's take a look at these questions. - Do you ever think a innocent person has been sentenced to death for something they didn't nor was aware of even happening just simply wrong place at the wrong time. - Do you think a innocent person has ever been set-up for any reason and wrongly punished. - Do you think speed cameras have ever malfunctioned and flashed a innocent person (Interference through Radars, Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi and other radio waves) and a innocent person has had a ticket for something they didn't even done simply because of a computer error. - Has a officer ever abused his power in a government role for his own personal gain If one error has happened to a single human it means anyone can be set-up, innocent, wrongly prosecuted etc if one single person presents a flaw to a system and/or is even able to abuse a system it's not perfect meaning they'll always be imperfections, and failures in this system. If one person can beat a system anyone can, your next door neighbor, co-worker, shop owner, random person walking down the street etc. This is the issue with society at it's current state... You have to follow society and everyone else unless we single people out I.E if they do something out of the ordinary or think differently to the majority we may classify them as a Outcast or a Enemy or even Mental or may even assign someone a illness as a justification to a persons beliefs/views. A classic example of this is the oldern myth (If it's true or not i'm unsure) what they say if people believed in witches or was speculated to be one you were burnt on a stick, a example of the fact you have to follow society. I'm not Anti-Police and i'm sorry if I come across like that... I just have a very unique way of thinking and I wouldn't say I follow the FreeMAN of the LAND movement as I have my own views on situations based on things that I have seen and read, however I do believe things need to be improved and if a system fails like above's description I believe the system should be re-created from the ground up to prevent that from happening again but probability and things been probable seems to take over if there's a 0.000000002% chance of something happening we won't do anything to prevent it as it's seen as impossible or unlikely but when it happens we are stuck. Let's look at the odds of these; - Do people win the lottery? - Do people get struck by lightning? - Do asteroids come to earth? If you look at those other than the lottery one we don't actually have any defences in place for the average citizen for those. We just assume it'll never happen or be a one off and when it happens be shocked. I'm not saying revoke the powers of the Police Force i'm more saying if a issue is identified as such people using police uniform create uniforms like bank notes that have unique and hard to replicate features that people can easily identify, if it's a holograph or whatever. Systems need to be designed to cope with the improbable and not just the likelihood of something happening.
  13. He/she sounds as if they are fully aware of the Freeman of the Land movement complete with all it's selfish stupidity, with no legal standing.
  14. Protesting your disapproval of the law is not the same as protesting your innocence with a valid defence to an alleged crime. Anyone scared of the repercussions could be because they know, in their heart of hearts, they actually did go down the bus lane etc. The law is the law, and as for the government making it difficult for people to have (maybe you mean express?) a view, you can always petition your MP. Try here for starters: https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ To be honest, I think you won't get much support for your belief structure on this forum. Have you tried the freeMAN of the LAND movement? They seem to be more aligned to your views: http://forum.fmotl.com
  15. I hold a valid UK licence and a valid form of insurance and tax. I do object and disprove however I still pay it (Unfortunately) The reason for me paying it is been scared of what will happen if I don't rather than understanding the benefits. (Potential prison/loss of vehicle/fine) Unfortunately the government make it difficult for people to have a view on certain topics I.E if you chose to speak in a court the fine can extend to a insane amount (According to the small print on a PCN/NIP) - It seems silly charging massive amounts of money to protest or have a opinion against something. (In turn it makes individuals afraid of protesting against a fine - almost to a point of accepting whatever it given to them in pure fear). From multiple sources of research it appears that the public are scared of objecting or going to court and fighting things so they would rather pay a fine I.E Bus Lane, Speeding and accept said punishment - incase a bigger punishment is given.
  16. If you drive a car you are required by law to hold 3rd party insurance, for which you pay. If you object to this then the answer is simple. Give up your licence, do not own a car and, don't drive,
  17. The way I view it as is wasted money put simply or pouring money down the drain. Your purely paying for the "What-if" scenario I.E What if I crash into someone/something, What if someone crashes into me, What if I get struck by lighting rather than actually requiring it. If your investing/paying into a service/product (Insurance) which you may never need and believe me insurance isn't cheap my first year was £1k, then it dropped to £600, then to around £500... But now it has gone up to £680 since I have a new car. I believe it's a lot of money all in all especially if you've been paying insurance from 18-60. that's a lot of years of paying out and a heck of a lot of money invested into these services and sure it may only be £30/£40 after so many years but that's still £300/£400 a year. I totally understand the point of well it's there if you ever need it. It's like Phone, Breakdown & House insurance as you mentioned (Although I would say Heath Insurance is completely different in this case) because we all die and our bodies shut down etc so I would say health insurance is a necessity. But; Not everyone speeds (Even if certain individuals do speed i'm sure there's more people who have been speeding and not caused a accident ever in their life rather than having a accident - I'm not exactly sure on the statistics but I would assume more would speed even if it's +1mph and never been caught or stopped - this includes 31 in a 30 or 21 in a 20 and so on). Not everyone has accidents (Even if a individual does have a accident say once in 30 years chances are they'll of paid more for the insurance overall compared to the actual car repair quotation).
  18. Billy Blue Tac

    Public order offences in custody??

    I've been around the block a bit and to be honest I've never come across s29 - s28 yes on more than one occasion - but not s29 with it's cross reference to the special Act under s2. It seems that you have me at a disadvantage in that your experiences with CPS have been more productive than some of mine; so I bow and doff my cap to you, sir. Anyhoo, hopefully the OP now has clarity about the legality of using the Public Order Act in a custody suite.
  19. Reasonable Man

    Public order offences in custody??

    Why on Earth would you think that a piece of common legislation would ‘confuse the hell’ out of a specialist criminal law solicitor? They may well go for a more suitable charge, but that is because modern legislation tend to fit the circumstances better than outdated legislation. If someone was playing up in a police station to me and they caused me to apprehend immediate unlawful violence I would be looking for a charge of Assaulting a Constable in the Execution of his Duty. Of no fear of violence the Sec 5 POA is suitable, applying Oram to the circumstances of course. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Specialsteve

    Section 163

    Nope I meant If i pull someone over Under 163 and ask to see their licence under 164 and they refuse to provide it what would I do?
  21. BlueBob

    Section 163

    Are you mixing requirements? Are you asking them to provide their details -one offence are you asking them to produce insurance - one offence
  22. Specialsteve

    Section 163

    I see, but if you give him 7 days and he doesn’t show up how could you report him if you had none of his details
  23. Billy Blue Tac

    Section 163

    I'm sure a passing traffic officer will correct me if I'm wrong... s.164 RTA 1988 gives the driver 7 days to produce his licence at a police station so you cannot arrest for failing to provide until then. On the other hand, when certain driving offences are suspected then s.168 requires the driver to give his name or address when asked for them. Failure to do is an offence and they may be arrested under PACE.
  24. Billy Blue Tac

    Public order offences in custody??

    I think you were referring to s.29 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847. Although it's a useful piece of law - especially s.28 - it's a bit convoluted as the station has to be within a Special Act (defined at s.2) and my best guess is that it would confuse the hell out of CPS who would rather go for something under the Public Order Act 1986. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Vict/10-11/89 s.29 says: every person guilty of any violent or indecent behaviour in any police office or any police station house, within the limits of the special Act, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding forty shillings for every such offence, or, in the discretion of the justice before whom he is convicted, to imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven days.
  25. Specialsteve

    Section 163

    Is it an offence to fail to provide details if you’ve stopped them under 163? And if so is it arrestable?
  26. Billy Blue Tac

    Public order offences in custody??

    "Public" in this context doesn't mean in public, but rather conduct by members of the public. All offences from s.1 to s.5 in the 1986 Act can be committed in private (but there are some exceptions when the conduct is in a dwelling) Have a look at s.5(2) here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1986/64/contents I need to check but isn't it "violent or indecent" conduct in a station rather than the wider - and potentially more useful - "disorderly" ?
  27. I’ve seen officers further arrest people in custody for public order offences when they’ve been verbally abusing members of staff and officers in custody. in my opinion custody is not a public place, wouldn’t disorderly conduct at a police station be a more appropriate offence to arrest for?
  28. They don't actually hold any particular use in terms of the radio but it's actually a straw protector for bottles that stops date rape drugs being slipped into bottles whilst your out partying. It just so happens that they fit airwaves terminals too. If you still want one you can find more information here http://www.spikey.co.uk/ or via amazon.
  29. GriffinRedskins

    Airwave Antenna Coloured Attachment

    I have seen these on multiple shows and a few people putting them on radios on shift. I don't really see the point in them and think they look unprofessional, am I missing something?
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