The Police Fitness Test

The Police Fitness Test has undergone dramatic change in the past five years. It is, in all honestly, considerably easier than it once was and most people with a basic level of fitness should be ale to pass it with very little training.

The fitness test is now made of of two elements:

Endurance Shuttle Run (Bleep Test)

This element involves running to & fro along a 15 metre track to a series of audible beeps. The beeps, during the course of the test get progressively faster. You will need to have reached each side of the track before the next beep sounds. This is very similar to the bleep test some of you may be familiar with.

Pass: Run to level 5.4 (Approximately 3 1/2 minute)

Job Relation - Prolonged foot chases, foot patrol, use of force for long periods of time

Dynamic Strength

The dynamic strength exercise involves performing 5 seated chest presses and 5 seated back pulls on a piece of equipment called a "dyno". The average force of the 5 pushes/pulls will be your recorded score. During this element you will have the opportunity to perform 3 practice pull/pushes immediately followed by your 5 recorded attempts.

Pass (Average over the 5 attempts)

Pull - 35kg

Push - 34kg

Job Relation - Apprehension of fighting/struggling suspects, moving/pushing objects.

You can download a copy of the bleep test in our downloads section

If you don't pass first time then all is not lost. You have a maximum of three attempts to pass the test. You will be given feedback and advice on how to improve your fitness in preparation for the next test.

Advice for preparing for the Fitness Test

Important: If you suffer from a medical condition then you should consult your GP or a physician before taking up any kind of exercise regime


Any cardiovascular exercise is good to improve your times for the bleep test. Cycling, running and swimming are excellent ways in which you can improve your general fitness. Try running a set distance and timing yourself, set yourself targets to reduce your times with each attempt. Competitive sports such as football, rugby, tennis or squash could also benefit your endurance test times.

Dynamic Strength

Use free weights or resistance machines at your gym to improve your upper body strength. Speak to an instructor at the gym and explain that you are applying to the police and whatthe fitness test involves. They will be able to work out a fitness plan for you. If you are not a member of a gym then push ups work just as well. Be sure to stretch prior to doing any excercise, failure to do so can result in injury.

Visit the Download Section to download a copy of the Bleep Test in MP3 format (Registration Required)