Application Form


The application form is the first hurdle in a long and rigorous recruitment process. You have to remember that should you fail at any stage of the process you will have to wait six months before you can apply again. You have time to complete the application form to the highest possible standard, use that time! The form isn't just a few pages of personal details and away you go, it has been designed to test applicants and ensure only the best of the bunch get through to the assessment centre stage.

Each Police Force receives in average seven application forms for every one position they have to fill, because of this they can afford to pick only the best of the bunch. Without wanting to worry you too much at this early stage I feel it is only fair to tell you that should you fail at any stage of the recruitment process you cannot re-apply for six months.

All forces now use a standard application form so no matter what force you are applying to, the form is the same!

There are a few ways in which you can apply to become a Constable. You can either visit the official police recruitment site, you can contact your local force to request one or you can download one from this site. Click here for more information on the police application process.

General Rules

The Do's:

  • Complete the form in neat and easy to read writing.

  • Complete in BLACK INK

  • Sections that do not apply to you should be marked N/A

  • Keep the form in a safe place until you are ready to fill it out. Keep it neat and clean.

  • Photocopy the application form and use the copies to make draft entries.

  • Use a Microsoft Word type programme to write out your answers to the competency questions. This will help you identify spelling and grammar errors. This will also allow you to make alterations to your answers prior to writing your final answer out on the form.

The Don'ts:

  • Leave any sections blank

  • Use inappropriate comments or words

  • Use untidy presentation

  • Ignore instructions

The Application form consists of twenty four pages, it can be daunting when you first take delivery of it. It is broken down into the following sections:

About you

  • Name, date of birth, address etc

  • Force applying to

  • Family details

  • Financial details

  • Nationality

  • Convictions

  • Tattoos

  • Political Interests

  • Medical questions

Employment History

  • Current/Most recent employment

  • Previous employment

  • References

  • Previous service/applications with the police force

Education and Skills

  • Education

  • Qualifications and training

  • Additional skills

Competency Questions

  • Ten competency question