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Hi, I am currently undergoing Advanced Driving lessons with the IAM. My question is to any Road policing bobbies that can spare a few minuets to inform/educate and possibility correct what I have been told?

Motor Vehicles are celebrated by manufacture to under-compensate actual driving speed, and never over. Does that mean' if for instance: I were to be driving and my on-board speedometer read speed at 33 and in actual effect I was driving at 30mp. Would a person (in theory) receive a ticket and be committing an offence. Also should a road camera be set under as a car is?


Many help on this by any Traffic would be appiceated 


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Speed detection is based on actual speed, not what an individual speedo indicates.
Road cameras are set to measure the actual speed but an element of 'grace' is used, so no one is going to get a ticket for passing a camera at just over the limit.

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