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So, I attended an assessment centre for my local force in December 2016 and received a score of 57%, I think this is a good score but unfortunately this particular force will only accept marks of 605 and higher. I didn’t want to let the grass grow so I contacted another force who were due to recruit in January 2017 and asked if I could transfer my score to them which they agreed to. 

Their website states that transferred scores will be considered after they’ve run their assessment days in April which is understandable, however an email I received from their HR Dept told me that they won’t be able to consider it until September so I’m a tad confused. I’m also worried as the A/C scores are valid for just 12 months and if I am successful in progressing through to the next stage once September arrives but am still going through the recruitment process come December (which I know is likely given the length of time it takes) is this going to mean I can’t potentially take up a post despite having been successful in the recruitment process. 

I emailed the force’s HR team but they weren’t particularly helpful and didn’t answer my questions. 

Has anyone else been through a similar experience or does anyone have any knowledge of this? It’d be great from others with a similar experience as I could really use some advice.

Thank you. 

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