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Our Policy On Text Talk, Spelling, Grammar, Pedantry and the Readability of Posts

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Our policy on text talk, spelling, grammar, pedantry and the readability of posts


Text Talk is probably older than you think.  Radio Operators used it more than 120 years ago when sending Morse code, they needed speed and accuracy.  It stuck around for a while but saw a resurgence when we could first send messages by mobile phone.  The first text messages by mobile phone were limited to 160 characters. 


Technology has moved on, and nearly all devices have a QWERTY keyboard, and there is not the same limit on the number of characters as the first mobile phones. 


We know that this is an internet forum and we're not here to mark people down on their spelling and grammar.  However, if you expect people to take the time to read your post, you should take the time to make that post easy enough to read.


Any post that is written in such a manner that it is not easily readable due to a lack of spelling and punctuation, or a proliferation of text speak may be removed by a moderator. 

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