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Officer shot

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One of the many reasons why we're a special case.............



Good luck to the chap...........from the report it sound like he was as lucky as he was brave........ :clap:





So.  Shooting at a police officer - enough for attempt murder, or will this be argued down to obstructing a copper doing his duty.......? :tongue_cheek:

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At the time of writing..........


To save you all the bother of clicking on the DM site - this story, of an exceptionally brave copper putting his life on the line for the good people we protect.......comes below a story about a gorilla with some kittens, a Kardashian story (what else?), a story about teeth flossing, Jamie Oliver's house being burgled and a lion being dissected in a Danish zoo.




Unless they can slate us and call us fat, lazy and/or stupid with golden pensions, the DM don't give a s**t.  You've gotta laugh.....

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