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Disciplined for swearing on a break?

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This isn't just crazy, it is obscene that the PONI, the "oversight" body for PSNI discipline has so little understanding of policing that they will pursue an officer who has made a remark to themselves in a private room.


They might be better going after the contractor (and the person who found their work acceptable) who built a custody suite that is flimsy enough for sounds to be heard from other rooms. Perhaps the specifications for the building were not met and this was the result of a cosy relationship between contractor and client representative - definitely the sort of information that would have led my former colleagues and I to have a look at the individuals concerned; maybe,  we'd also have had a look at the official in the PONI who raised this in case it was an attempt to create a smoke-screen ............... before too long, we would have hauled a few folk in for a chat or two - those were the days :tongue_cheek:

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