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Eligible for Inspector OSPRE exam?

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Hello all!


I have been promoted to Sergeant very recently. Fortunately for me, I have managed this rather young (28 with 5 years service) and was hoping to get my Inspectors exams out of the way before the inevitable pitter patter of tiny footsteps and the chaos that comes with it!


Would you knowledgeable forum gurus have any idea if I need to been confirmed in Sergeants rank (Still 11 months away) before I can apply to take the Inspectors OSPRE exams?


I am aware that the exam is in October and would be quite confident in being able to prepare thoroughly, if indeed the rules allow me to do it.


Many thanks in advance.


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If your a permanent sergeant ( not temporary or acting) then I would suggest yes but the simple way to find out is to contact HR or whoever in you force administers the exams process as you did when you applied for your sgts ospre part 1, they would be able to tell you.


good luck

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