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  1. Ill Health Retirement/ Annual leave

    To save you the trouble.I was off with ptsd for 14 months before medical retirement (with this and other issues) a few months before my "actual" date of retirement and my force was amazing by the way. I had loads of leave and a major amount of accrued time of in in leave aka toil as I was in a job that didnt officially have an overtime budget for the last 7 years.( multi agency).They paid me every penny as per the police regulations on my final pay slip.So hope this helps. In my case the police service was brilliant to me when I became too ill to work in 2015.
  2. Ill Health Retirement/ Annual leave

    You will get paid out.If you want more info PM me.
  3. DBS certificate

    Just had one done and it now will only go to you.It used to be both but it changed recently .Your employer will take a photocopy.
  4. Height

    Tutored females 5 feet one and 2 with size 2 feet and this was in 1999-2001.The equality laws were in place by then but mother nature decreed most blokes were bigger than most women. You have nothing to worry about physically.nut this site can only reassure you.You will only be happy when the tick in the box is there from recruitment and we can say to you we told you so!!! good luck.
  5. Dealt with many GBH (section 20 or section 18) on my own as a uniform beat PC.Where I policed they were 10 a penny.Nor were they rocket science.So long as the court file was right you never heard from a CID supervisor other than closing comments that they had overseen it on the closing comments screen.This isnt disrespecting CID who would have been involved if the case had been messed up.
  6. Passing Vetting

    No issues when I worked with recruits.It was accepted that it was so easy to accrue points.Six might raise an eyebrow though.Stop using lead soled shoes for 3 years and you will be fine.Stop fretting !!
  7. Change of Career

    Dont get me wrong I enjoyed 90% of it.Plus I am now 2 years out of the job with no contact with serving cops.So I just see and read the negative side of things.
  8. Change of Career

    The positive was catching criminals in the act usually on nights .Having no bosses around enthused me no end! Big down side was 2004 CPS became involved in charging decisions this meant a 45 minute shoplifting job became a 3 day nightmare cps were shyte and spoiled everything.The assaults in my case were horrendous and caused me to leave 9 months early with ptsd. Now though its the internal scrutiny of PSD and the IPCC .these people have eteral time to scrutinise everything you do with the agenda they want you in jail.If my adult kids wanted to do what you are doing I would talk them out of it! but good luck!
  9. Change of Career

    I worked with recruits 05-08 and so long as you had no ccjs or being declared bankrupt you should be OK.Missing a few credit card / mortgage payments over the years didn't seem to matter.One lad had 70K gambling debts but he had to go when we found out.As long as your finances or OK you should be ok. Go to clearscore for a free monthly credit check.The main problem was probationers thinking they had won the lottery by being accepted as a cop and then getting into megadebt once in, cars,houses,holidays of a lifetime every year etc and then deciding policing wasnt for them.
  10. Realistic at my age?

    HD means high definition both on the publics phones and police body cams.Social media is heavily monitored by those in charge and be careful who your friends are once you join.
  11. Realistic at my age?

    WYP is an excellent employer.I have tutored someone older than you when he joined he is still going I think? ( however the only one of 11 I tutored I didn't get on with!). Ex squaddies and ex miners always seem to do well in WYP. Just be careful every key stroke is monitored and everything you do must be regarded as recorded in HD. If I joined today my biggest worry would be falling in the crap and hung out to dry.You will need the constitution of a lion to tough out the complaints.But good luck its mainly still good I think!
  12. Medical retirement advice please

    Was this an IOD ( injury on duty) you don't say?? You would be extremely early to be thinking about early ill health retirement. My force was brilliant with me and I got 8 months or just over early retirement but the paperwork would have sank a battleship. Someone I am now acquainted with got the rough end of the deal but failed too keep copies of IODs failed to record ( tape on just after) interviews or photos or anything really who had no clue of the process got the bare minimum.Someone else ( who I tutored in 1999) lost the leading hand thumb in a freak accident/ negligence ??? with cell block doors.She kept everything and had an air tight case and was pensioned off with he highest available payout.
  13. Required level of fitness?

    2 miles in 14 minutes very good you should romp the actual test.Just keep gradually building. swimming and an exercise bike all good too. You don't have to go mad even to be an ARV. I went on a gas refresher about 10 years ago with an ARV unit and we did their test with the option of dropping out at 5.4.Pride kept us in it ( none arvs) and we completed it all. I was aged 40 at the time and was fairly porky just swimming and the odd half hour on the bike. I suggest you should be fine.
  14. Wisdom personified OC Stockholm today!
  15. Constant false allegations

    Agreed Zulu suggest closure
  16. Constant false allegations

    My point was from what was said by the OP is that they are being locked up for nothing on the say so of one individual with an obvious axe to grind.They are held in the cells until enqs are made and then released without charge.That would pig me off no end.Each arrest is recorded for ever and could come back on a DBS later.From what was said it appears when the calls come in they are treat individually even around the pram issue where receipts could have been shown to negate the complaint. So to make complaints to PSD who from my experience would grip the issue and probably appoint a SPOC ( for all parties) to sort it out.Rather than just allowing calls to come in and be logged on command and control and dealt with in isolation with unnecessary arrests.The complaints would go nowhere. Perhaps the SPOC could then calm everyone down and put the issue where it belongs with a solicitor.
  17. Constant false allegations

    Police officers hate complaints.Go online find your force and click on the link for professional standards and make formal complaints about each time someone was arrested saying unlawful arrest because of malicious allegations.Also why were people arrested at all they could have been cautioned and interviewed without arrest ( possibly).So arrest may have been OTT.Then if you or whoever gets arrested again try and argue that you have been unlawfully detained and ask to be released there and then.Then make another complaint of unlawful arrest because of malicious allegations.I could bang on about things you should say.But the gist is that you are seen as taking things seriously.I appreciate it takes a lot of balls to complain especially at a police station but from what you have said it seems you are being treat unfairly. However see a solicitor find one that does a free initial consultation locally.
  18. Ill health retirement - why the long wait?

    Saw the doctor 04.08.16.Chief made the decision around 18.08.16 put on my 28 days notice the day after retired 19.09.2016.
  19. Ill health retirement - why the long wait?

    I would respectfully disagree with Zulu 22 about involving the Fed.Having had a consultation I felt they would make matters worse by being adversarial.My force could not have been more sympathetic keeping me on full pay for over two years. Then bending over backwards once the decision had been made to pension me off to ensure I got every penny of what was owed ( over 300 hours of unpaid overtime I had clocked up over 7 years) on my last payslip. Sometimes taking the bull by the horns isn't the way forward, but slowly slowly catchy monkey with over 10 reports from all sorts of highly qualified professionals confirmed by the force occy health independent doctor and then a final doctor from 'healthworks'. That said i would love to be on nights tonight instead looking forward to my proper retirement in May 2017 sound of mind and body.
  20. A lot of the big shops annoyed me by setting 'traps' of high value items near the door ways and then wait and pounce on already known shoplifters when they took the bait.Rather than doing loss reduction work which of course is far more boring than catching people in the act. Theft is theft but I believe there should be a balance.Where large stores have teams of store detectives and know the system they could do more than have an arrest at any cost policy.
  21. Notice period to resign

    Failing probationer who wants out within the day.No point them hanging around possibly causing chaos or being a security risk.This happened 7 or 8 times when I was a divisional trainer most of them didn't want to see a sergeant let alone a boss.Quick minute sheet ,phone call to CI ops or duty inspector if out of hours, warrant card radio and gas handed in then see you at home in a day or two to collect the rest of your kit.
  22. Decision to leave police

    My last post was the police officer working multi agency in council offices with a council manager.I saw a sergeant once a flood.Most of the staff were extremely happy with very manageable workloads with as much time as needed to type things up.The pace of life was much slower and it was an atmosphere of support rather than blame.People could go part time and come back full time.I never saw holiday refused and if there was a 'crisis' at home then they could go no problem.If they had a difficult case then they would have supervision to sort it out or even a case conference. The downside for me is that everything took forever and specialist workers were like the scarlet pimpernel and everything was soo slooooow it drove me nuts. You have probably made a good choice.You will get all bank holidays off.Our office was like the Marie celesete during school holidays.
  23. Direct entry as Inspector.

    I just feel that as nice as they might be direct entrant police inspectors will not be given credibility by the rank and file.Come on a direct entry Inspector into CID or on to a well established shift, team,rota.Its a hiding to nothing. Over my 30 I met a few numpty Inspectors but not many and none at shift level 24/7. The system is more screwed that holds people back combined with successive governments since the war who want to preserve the Dixon of Dock Green UK police image.
  24. Direct entry as Inspector.

    Direct entry Inspectors are a victory of gloss over substance. Nothing replaces frontline police experience and even then sometimes it has to be the right frontline experience. My final post was multi agency traditionally a last 5 years of service post.They took two of us on at once ( for some reason) my oppo had 3 years service all at the quietest outpost of the quietest division in the force.Less than 20 arrests mainly warrants and breach of bails.But she was posh with an extremely posh voice, smartly dressed has all the gadgets and was a whizz on the computers.I was a grumpy old man sulking because my last job had been civilianised but with 22 years frontline as shitzzville on shifts.She was fooking useless dangerous even but she was believable after all she was a cop and looked the part. It took about 10 weeks for the multi agency staff to figure her out as baby police out of her depth.With direct entry inspectors it will be 10 minutes.
  25. Judges pensions - a right old can of worms

    Compared to the police the judges are small in numbers therefore it will cost much less for the government to 'lose' to the judges.Plus the judges are the judges all highly qualified in the law and motivated to press their claim.They also have plenty of retired/semi retired colleagues who had the time and wherewithall to pursue things to the bitter end. So roughly 100K cops to pay out combined with the Fed who don't want to challenge things and officers on all different pension options its a winner for the government.