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  1. Saw the doctor 04.08.16.Chief made the decision around 18.08.16 put on my 28 days notice the day after retired 19.09.2016.
  2. I would respectfully disagree with Zulu 22 about involving the Fed.Having had a consultation I felt they would make matters worse by being adversarial.My force could not have been more sympathetic keeping me on full pay for over two years. Then bending over backwards once the decision had been made to pension me off to ensure I got every penny of what was owed ( over 300 hours of unpaid overtime I had clocked up over 7 years) on my last payslip. Sometimes taking the bull by the horns isn't the way forward, but slowly slowly catchy monkey with over 10 reports from all sorts of highly qualified professionals confirmed by the force occy health independent doctor and then a final doctor from 'healthworks'. That said i would love to be on nights tonight instead looking forward to my proper retirement in May 2017 sound of mind and body.
  3. A lot of the big shops annoyed me by setting 'traps' of high value items near the door ways and then wait and pounce on already known shoplifters when they took the bait.Rather than doing loss reduction work which of course is far more boring than catching people in the act. Theft is theft but I believe there should be a balance.Where large stores have teams of store detectives and know the system they could do more than have an arrest at any cost policy.
  4. I just feel that as nice as they might be direct entrant police inspectors will not be given credibility by the rank and file.Come on a direct entry Inspector into CID or on to a well established shift, team,rota.Its a hiding to nothing. Over my 30 I met a few numpty Inspectors but not many and none at shift level 24/7. The system is more screwed that holds people back combined with successive governments since the war who want to preserve the Dixon of Dock Green UK police image.
  5. Direct entry Inspectors are a victory of gloss over substance. Nothing replaces frontline police experience and even then sometimes it has to be the right frontline experience. My final post was multi agency traditionally a last 5 years of service post.They took two of us on at once ( for some reason) my oppo had 3 years service all at the quietest outpost of the quietest division in the force.Less than 20 arrests mainly warrants and breach of bails.But she was posh with an extremely posh voice, smartly dressed has all the gadgets and was a whizz on the computers.I was a grumpy old man sulking because my last job had been civilianised but with 22 years frontline as shitzzville on shifts.She was fooking useless dangerous even but she was believable after all she was a cop and looked the part. It took about 10 weeks for the multi agency staff to figure her out as baby police out of her depth.With direct entry inspectors it will be 10 minutes.
  6. Compared to the police the judges are small in numbers therefore it will cost much less for the government to 'lose' to the judges.Plus the judges are the judges all highly qualified in the law and motivated to press their claim.They also have plenty of retired/semi retired colleagues who had the time and wherewithall to pursue things to the bitter end. So roughly 100K cops to pay out combined with the Fed who don't want to challenge things and officers on all different pension options its a winner for the government.
  7. Still look most days still best 'real' police forum.PSD and social media have taken a huge toll on the police forums.I would respond to interesting threads on here if it picks up.I hope it does so as I bet a few quid has changed hands setting all this up recently with new ownership.
  8. The thing that worries me about this. and hopefully someone can allay my fears.Is the knowledge of the law and procedures.I always found that most Inspectors certainly operational on shifts ( i.e newly promoted) had really good knowledge of the law and procedures especially around custody issues. I know police training went Pete Tong in 89 when it went happy clappy with no exams etc.But before this we had Monday morning exams which we had to pass or face being back classed or worse.But we left having some basic grasp on law , definitions and procedures and we could do a CJA ( MG11) without the process sergeant setting them on fire in disgust. Then the written promotion exams that went out of the window in 1991.Those were really tough and took a lot of studying to pass ( not that it did me any good). So are we going to allow people in without testing law knowledge or doing OSPRE type testing, At Inspector level or Supt level ? Or are they never going to see a shift on 24/7 rota. Thoughts ??
  9. I agree and actually enjoyed most if not nearly all of my service.It was when I knew I was mentally ill and couldn't go on that scared me.I just walked out one day and knew I would never be back.I feel I left under a cloud but this was better than something stupid happening.
  10. The job has made me quite mentally ill with PTSD for which I have had masses of treatment and remain on meds to this day.This lead to a (slightly early by 9 months) medical retirement.Which went through without any opposition after the force read the medical reports.So on reflection did I join the wrong job and didnt have the long term wherewithall to cope with it all?or was unlucky and or foolhardy in hardly ever taking a step back in a violent situation. Towards the end of my career working with student cops and multi agency I learned that slowing down and talking may have saved some grief. So yes it changed me but not joining the police would have meant far less income and rubbish or no pension when eventually finishing work at 65. So overall I feel like a crap version of Zulu sportswise where I won player of the year once in 1990 for a small club and in the Masons where I haven't made much progress . However if I "cork it" the house is paid and there is plenty in the bank for my dependents thanks to my police service and saving rather than spending. Then I can haunt a few people for a thousand years !!!. Seriously Muay has come back on the judges thread with a post which I feel a great deal of empathy for not sure how to link it to my response on here??? Mods.
  11. Chief Constable Ms Dee Collins with a pair! Joking apart I agree and hope its resolved before the average of 9 years these things take to sort out. With all the stress that takes years off your life later on and the risk at any point of being charged with murder. I take my hat off to them but who would want to be a firearms officer in this day and age.
  12. Happened every year from 86-2005 they would throw money away January to March.Extended shifts, backfill.container etc so as not to be slashed the next year.Then as things tightened up this disappeared.However the right 'skills' in my case van driver ( after licence changed as to what new test passers could drive) meant plenty of OT available still if you wanted it.
  13. Always found there actually are plenty of officers on duty at the busy Xmas public holiday public order shifts.However they are not 'frontline' in that they do not parade at a local police station or have responsibilty for answering calls.Talking OSU, firearms, motorway some CID units.Call code zero and people come out of the woodwork. Not having a go at the various units because they get dropped on from a height should they volunteer leaving what should they need to do uncovered.Example I volunteered to drive a van one Saturday night during an England tournament game 2008 on my day off.Get to work to be told I was to deal with various suspects already in the cells and that I would be OIC afterwards ended up working 13 hours noone wanted to sign the OT. So I never volunteered ever again. Good management of staff is vital during the busy times.
  14. We had a group of officers who took the annual sergeants exam without any study knowing they would fail.However their shift was changed to a 9-5 day shift or they would get a lay in or avoid a late or nights or get a liue day.
  15. Ok mate crack on and happy Christmas to all on the site old and new!