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  1. Boots

    Altbergs Forget the zip and the air sole nonsense these are the best bar none, if you get the Peacekeeper P3's they are approved for Public Order and Firearms work. We get em issued and mine are still going strong after two years, I also have problems with my right arch and they have decent footbeds and soles so don't worry about the comfort. If you are local to the factory they will even do custom fittings for you!!
  2. study plan

    Passed mine this time around and there was a LOT of questions that weren't about the legislation or points to prove but about the little defences and stated cases etc (and about 10 questions on intimate sample from juvvies!). The new version of Blackstones have all the SOCAP stuff as part of the books, mine didn't they produced a print out later to add in, very hard work. I used a combination of Blackstones and Tom Barrons crammer BUT I would now recommend the new Blackstones Police Operational Handbook which is about 16 quid from Amazon instead of the crammer. If you learn most of it you won't go far wrong. I wouldn't bother with the courses for the part 1 unless the job is going to pay for it up front, I don't know anyone who thought they were that good (unless you had done no revision that is).
  3. Muppets Only

  4. Kit ?

    What is the best / worst piece of kit you have ever been issued with ??? and if you had the choice what piece of kit would make your life a whole lot better ??? I will start with the worst as being those horrid worsted wool pants that are impossible to iron, hold water like a sponge and shrink as they dry. The best was the goretex blousons (gone but not forgotten) light, windproof and good enough to keep you dry in a shower excellant when out in a car (although not recommended for foot patrol when lashing down). What I would like to be issued with is a radio that actually has proper 100% coverage and doesn't sound like you are in public conveninece every time you transmit (Tetra £3 billion and rising, what a joke).
  5. Double crewed?

    Exactly the reason I did my exams I was fed up with weak supervision not dealing with stuff like this, of course my comments were a generalisation but on my team it works and they respond to it by putting the graft in.
  6. The Tories want to shaft us as well

    From what i read this is the same old tripe that is wheeled out every time a Tory or Labour politician wants to get on the telly. Performance related pay - it will never happen, you can't measure what someone in one area does against someone in another area. The bosses are also secretly worried that it will lead to a culture of locking up or ticketing the public just to keep figures up which will be a PR disaster. Less paperwork - yeah right! The last time Labour wanted to cut paperwork they revised the MG file system and introduced fast tracking, more forms and less time to do them in. With the lack of spending on file checking / submission units more files are now coming straight back to the OIC for upgrading. In any case if they cut a load of paperwork they will then want a load of forms filling in so they can statistically measure the reductions in paperwork. Getting rid of uniform carriers - as an ex-tutor constable I can tell you it is hard enough to get rid of probationers in training never mind confirmed bobbies. They are so sh*t scared of being sued that bend over backwards to get them through. There needs to be a better screening process at the recruitment stage and a genuine desire to root out the lazy arses, but is any high flier going to risk their next promotion on a complaint from a fat lazy desk jockey, I don't think so.
  7. Muppets Only

    Your money or your life...... ho!
  8. Any comment on this?

    I detect a hint of cyicism in this post !!! Oh well might as well join in.....
  9. Your first call-sign

    Echo Alpha forty
  10. Trouser Tips

    Take them to a dry cleaners and you can either have the creases sew in or they will put a thin line of glue down the crease which holds it in place. Not sure of the cost for sewing the creases in but it shouldn't be more than a tenner the glue is a couple of quid.
  11. Muppets Only

  12. Muppets Only

    worm food
  13. Yellow jackets

    Hi viz jackets are the work of satan!! Frank Dreben38734.6496412037
  14. Double crewed?

    We actually do have a policy, each area is supposed to have a 'Risk Assessment' which outlines the specific hazards in each area (such as the number of licenced premises) and has to factor in the level of assaults against police from the crime figures. Then a decision has to be made about when and if to double crew based on this. In my area this means permanent single crewing. The only exception is when as a supervisor I have information that may require a double crewed response (such as when attending to lock up a warrant or if there is intelligence there is going to be a fracas in town). However it can be a useful motivational tool to double crew, the bobbies feel safer, are therefore more likely to stop more people and stop more cars and generally do more work than single crewed patrols. Hence double crewing on nights. It all depends whether you have enough troops on and your sgt is prepared to take the flack for making the decision if questionned.
  15. Muppets Only

    George W Bush