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  1. BTP - Recruitment Question

    We were informed it was back in parliament in October. Our CEO said we weren't involved in the merger, that story came out a week later.
  2. BTP - Recruitment Question
  3. BTP - Recruitment Question

    I hope you know that BTP is subject to being transferred into a national Infrastructure constabulary responsible for the motorway network. That's going through parliament at the moment, so watch this space.
  4. Vehicle Stop lights

    By law, in this country, there are only 2 types of vehicle legally allowed to display rear flashing red lights, that's police vehicles and Highways England patrol cars. It's hard enough as it is getting traffic to follow our instructions in rolling road blocks without every Tom, Dick and Harry displaying flashing red lights whilst braking!
  5. Judges rule on Brexit

    I voted leave, I still wish to leave, I just wish the country would get on with it and get us out of Europe as soon as possible.
  6. 1% Pay Rise

    We got a 1% pay rise last year, giving us a £17 a month pay rise and then changed our pension payments by stopping the NI rebate we used to get as civil servants, so in effect our pay rise is now a pay cut as I'm now getting paid £10 a month less than this time last year even though my outgoings have gone up!
  7. It's back

    Still there at the moment!
  8. Windows 7 anyone?

    We have electricity too and running water - and it's not down the walls!
  9. It's back

    How long it will be up remains to be seen!
  10. Windows 7 anyone?

    We do at my station!
  11. Windows 7 anyone?

    And now we have Windows 10!
  12. In memory of my colleague who was tragically killed on duty on Sunday 21st February 2016, Bullshire Police shop have commissioned a memorial tiepin in both police/HETO battenburg. With Adam's name and collar number RIP on the rear tyre of both.
  13. I was blown off my feet by a 1000lb VBIED but still got back to my feet and continued controlling the scene!
  14. Smart Phone for videoing

    That really miffs me when I'm busy dealing with a nasty incident and idiots drive past filming it on their phone!