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  1. New printer woes

    BR, I'm not a luddite, but phones and tablets come with way too much stuff and too few instructions. There is a series of fairly decent video instructions for my phone, I just don't have time to watch them. Our VoIP phones at work have a wiki, which I find worse that useless because it is on a different page than the dashboard and you can't .pdf the entire thing. The only reason I'm not looking for another vendor is the tech support is awesome.
  2. All I can now think of is Nipper, the RCA dog
  3. Happy Birthday Bikerider

    Happy Birthday, BR
  4. Have the Blairs released a 2015 card?
  5. New printer woes

    Don't you just love it when the problem is something simple. However, a 250 page manual for a camera!! What does it do cook breakfast and then take a photo? And where are my Tara piccys? Seriously, have you thought of just making a pdf of the relevant pages and keeping them on a tablet for reference?
  6. Red Ken Livingstone

    No, but I am easily frightened.
  7. Return to the Village

    The lings and I are safely lodged in rooms at the pub. We had a nice welcome home do thrown by the village spiders, who remembering how much the lings love gobstoppers, gave the lings each a small string bag full. We went to the Manner House. It was sad to see the dust covers on everything. We learned in the village that spidey travellers were squatting in the wine cellar. The village spideys have heard reports of bottles broken and racks smashed. The lings are anxious to see the former residents. Here is the first part of their diary: We were excited to leave the Manner House and begin our adventure. Then mum told us the Manner House closed and we cried, especially the baby lings. The Manner House was the only home they’d ever known. The Abbot came that night and said it was perfectly all right for us to experience our sadness. He talks like that a lot. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Everyone at the Monastery welcomed us. We don’t think they knew what to expect: Mum and 4,000 lings. We have three rooms and a salon in our wing of the monastery. Each wing eats together during the week except for Saturday nights. We’re in the wing closest to the school. There was quite a lot of amazement at our accents. We hadn’t been on the conference call with mum when she made the arrangements after our application was accepted. The first few days we were asked to say things a lot, until Baby Daniel broke down in tears saying he didn’t want to talk anymore. One lady at the market discovering we were British spiders wanted to know if we were an invasive species. The town mayor always says cheerio to us. Our days are different here. We get up at seven. Put our webs away. Have a shower. Get our school webs and march to the mediation hall. We sit for an hour. Then we go back for breakfast and then it’s off to school at 9:30. School ends at 3:00 and we go to our study places to do our homework. Now that we have our violins, we do 30 minutes of instrument practice at study. We go home at 5:00 and usually play from 5:15 to 6:30. We used to play outside but now it’s cold and dark and we have to play inside. After play, we have dinner and then go up to the salon room to talk. Sometimes the crickets drop by (more about the crickets later).At 8:30 we have to make up our webs and get ready for bed at 9:00. Musical Instruments After trying out all the instruments available, we lings decided we will play the violin. Mum was relieved, because during the time we tried out the piano, she complained the racket of us running up and down the keys nearly drove her mad.
  8. Red Ken Livingstone

    He needs to man up and get a dog!
  9. Speak Foreign or Don't Apply

    This is if I remember correctly was the claim of those who were opposed to the adoption in the 70s and 80s of teaching Latino children with little or no English in Spanish while at the same time teaching them English as opposed to throwing them in to English-only classes or teaching them English separately from general instruction. The impetus is that education is more important than language in the lower grades and that is the focus of the program. It has resulted in a generation which is bilingual in both speech and the written word. As opposed to friends my age who are first generation Americans, they may understand the language of their parents' country of origin but none are fluent or literate. It has encouraged other immigrant populations and their children to retain the language of their country of origin. . Where this hurts non-English speaking immigrant children from any country is if they are a) not Latino (in most communities with a sizeable Latino population there are community-based orgs to teach English to children and adults) and if children enter the school system after age 10 because most bilingual teaching generally stops by the age of 10 and English is taught separately from general instruction and strangely graded separately. I worked with a group of South Asia students this summer--all attending university or graduates--who were in remedial TOEFL classes during junior and senior high. How you can pass a college entrance exam while being remedial in English boggles the mind.
  10. Red Ken Livingstone

    Is that fair to newts.
  11. New printer woes

    Having several printers shouldn't be a problem. I generally have at least three printers from different manufacturers on the go at any one time and have never had to uninstall one to use another. I suspect this is a driver issue that Epson should be able to easily resolve.
  12. New printer woes

    Where the printer, Mac and router are physically located in the house shouldn't matter. I would get on to Epson tech support.
  13. Return to the Village

    Gosh, we've been in the news today. First millions of lings ballooning and creating a giant web in Kentucky and now this from Down Under
  14. Speak Foreign or Don't Apply

    As I understand, this is a challenge as there are a number of different sign language systems--I think there is an international one. My god daughter is learning both American and the French sign language system--she is not hearing impaired--and is travelling to France next year on a course where she'll get real-time practice. If it is the intent of the government to hire university graduates, one obvious place of outreach would be university language graduates and students. It will be interesting to see the report on the 4-week trial recruitment, if one is published.
  15. Hobbies

    I had a smock for painting and one of those folding tv dinner tables to work on. What I still do have--(this is the first "toy" I bought for myself) and should take out when I'm off at the end of the year--is my Betsy McCall Designer kit. It's a lighting table with Betsy transparencies and different outfits that you can trace and then colour. None of the "craft" stores are located in the city; all are in the burbs. Most have a poor selection. We've lost the independent retail outlets (drug stores, Woolworths, and variety stores) which used to stock the paint by numbers. I know you can get them online. I have one my mother did in oil on wood in the 1950's.
  16. Hobbies

    I love to colour, too. Used to do a lot of paint by number but the kits are kind of hard to come by these days. Mainly I spend what little spare time I have these days knitting.
  17. I'm guessing you may be right. But should the occasion arise for deployment, will it be timely enough to be effective in resolving the situation and saving lives... If the Paris attacks revealed anything that TPTB elsewhere need to take onboard, is that you sometimes don't have have minutes to get the right, effective response on the ground at the place where it is needed.
  18. Return to the Village

    No wiggling and tickling here. My lings and I stay away from sleeping humans.
  19. Return to the Village

    Swallowing Spiders
  20. Very cold weather in the USA

    It's been a bit weird. Spates of unusually warm days followed by seasonally cool days But the weather people are predicting a snowier winter and are running about the region checking salt and sand levels in various jurisdictions. Acorns have been dropping like mad but I'm getting better at dodging them: only been hit once this year .
  21. Happy Birthday, Whisper

    Whisper, Belated Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a good one
  22. Very cold weather in the USA

    You are so bad. Refusing a chance to be corrupt. And on your birthday! I hope you had cake and prezzies.
  23. Very cold weather in the USA

    Bouncer, sorry to hear that the NHS had you as a guest, but I'm glad you are back. Tara sounds amazing. Lots of personality. I'm excited to see piccy's. Is she still eating the garden plants?
  24. Well Done

    Shout out to Her Majesty the Queen for an amazing achievement.
  25. Calais Migrant Crisis

    I guess the difference is that Western culture has arrived at some agreed upon standard/definition of humanity and human rights, that may have Judeo-Christian roots, but it is a secular philosophical and political statement which dictates Western views and action. Some non-Western countries have acceded to this standard and some have not and may never. If they don't, we need to try to understand why they don't. Not that we need to agree or abrogate our principles but that understanding is the first step to reaching consensus if not compromise.