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  1. Just over 4 years to go for me. I will still need to work as will still have young children and a mortgage. I would like to try something different with flexible hours and holidays when it suits me. Any suggestions. Should I start to retrain for something now and if so what? What have others done? Many thanks in advance. .
  2. 30 years, what then?

    Thanks for the suggestions so far, anybody got any business idea's with low start up costs?
  3. The Winsor Report Thread

    Yes correct. Recommendation accepted not to introduce severance FOR NOW but watch this space............ I have decided to accept the Tribunal’s recommendation not to implement measures to introduce compulsory severance at this time. However, this remains a reform that I believe government and the police should continue to consider. I have written to the Police Negotiating Board to explain my decision in further detail.
  4. The Winsor Report Thread

    Lots of questions spinning around in my mind. Would this apply to all ranks? I have read today ACPO are in favour of CS as it would be a "useful management tool" Can anybody confirm or have any details about the insurance being sought by the Fed for CS. How long will it take for the Government to change legislation? What will be the criteria for selection, they can't just single out a group so it will have to be based on PDR, Sickness, discipline record etc.
  5. The Winsor Report Thread

    I have found the answer to my own question if its the same as the Civil Service I would be offered the same if selected for compulsory redundancy only 6 months pay. I will have to survive between the ages of 50 and 53 and I feel I will be well and truly in the crosshairs. (between 2016 and 2019) Very worrying times indeed.
  6. The Winsor Report Thread

    As I read it if you are over 50 with over 25 years service and you opt for voluntary redundancy you only get 6 months salary as compensation, so what will you get if its compulsory? This is really worrying they can get rid of expensive coppers on the cheap with half commutations and reduced pensions!
  7. The Winsor Report Thread

    Not sure where you got your figures from this seems to be incorrect. Here is a quote from the Daily Mail. (don't worry I don't buy it) The basic rate limit will fall from £34,370 to £32,245 in April 2013 - bringing the 40 per cent tax threshold to £41,450. and from this is With the rise of the tax-free limit on the first bit of earnings, the actual point that the 40 per cent tax rate kicks in will be £41,450 in April 2013 - £1,024 lower than the current £42,475.
  8. VR VR VR: IT'S HERE.....

    Is it a coincidence that one of the BBC headlnes today is about the huge decreases in Police Officers under the age of 26. And the new Fed Chair being sucked into admitting the Police should represent all of society. Just prior to voluntary redundancy being introduced and no doubt targeted at the older in service.
  9. VR VR VR: IT'S HERE.....

    If this is genuine I hope it takes a bloody long time to ratify CR...........(or in my case 6 years)
  10. Pensions

    If you are made redundant and you are in the 1987 pension scheme ( I am likely to have more than 25 years service should this happen to me) does anybody know when you can start to draw your pension. ( I know you can retire at 50 with 25+) but if severed when would you get it? Thanks in advance.
  11. The Winsor Report Thread

    Normally you make sense Picard but now sure what you mean here. They have to offer you voluntary redundancy prior to making you redundant under compulsory terms most Officers with less than 5 to go would take the voluntary offer and buy out their pensions prior to finding another job a few months later. Also don't forget redundancy has to be role specific rather than targeted at individual Officers.
  12. Chief Whip Mitchell

    Finally an honest politican, saying what he really thinks.
  13. The Winsor Report Thread

    If you look closely there is a young Tom Winsor in training to become HMIC.
  14. Ex-Cops as Police Commisioners???

    Why does it have to be Supt rank etc. Get some retired Constables standing or Sgts. they would get my vote, I'm fed up of people trying to represent us who have limited experience at the coal face.......
  15. I am deeply saddened by the recommendations made by Windsor in the politically and financially driven report. I do not understand the recommendations about CRPT being removed as that was recommended upon in Part 1 and a decision has already been made by the PAT. The removal of Officers on restricted duties is frightening if you get an injury off duty (if on duty you will still get a medical pension) then you will find yourself 8% of your salary worse off despite the fact this may mean you can't afford to pay your mortgage or have other serious financial implications because of an accident.This is in addition to the increased pension payments,severe inflation and frozen pay as well as loss of CRTP and SPP. Enough really is enough. I support the idea of a march in London on the first day of the Olympics and I have emailed my Federation.
  16. Silly Boy

    Skelosia spot on with your post. Thankyou. Like I said earlier I have worked with this Officer and he is a genuinely nice guy, and was an excellent Police Officer. He is loved by his wife and family. His Dad also worked for the Police for many years. The general feeling at the Station where he worked is one of disappointment with the sentence. Nuff said.
  17. Can anybody tell me what they interpret this to mean in financial terms if for example I had 21 years service. (copied from Winsor review) Voluntary exit terms (see pages 192 to 193 of the report) At present, there is no mechanism for forces to offer officers voluntary exit or early retirement. The review has concluded that forces should be given the ability to offer severance and early retirement to officers, and proposes that the terms of the new Civil Service Compensation Scheme are followed. This would allow forces to offer two months’ pay for every year worked (up to 21 years’ service). Those retiring early could choose to sacrifice their lump sum for an unreduced pension, a significant benefit given they would be receiving the pension earlier than expected.
  18. Silly Boy

    There appears to be a large emphasis on the word vulnerable here. I would like to hear the judges definition of vulnerable and exactly why this female was described as such. Was she vulnerable because she had a mental health problem? She had a child so that doesn't seem to be the case. She wasn't a victim of any crime or a child and to my knowledge she wasn't an alcoholic or drug user so why was she vulnerable? I recently had a case in court where a male was convicted of Gbh on a female friend she was sleeping in a tent and he went and kicked her through the tent breaking several ribs and leaving her with a collapsed lung he nearly killed her and he pleaded guilty to the Section 18 GBH. She was vulnerable because she was drunk . However she didn't want him to go to prison and guess what he got a suspended sentence and a community order. There is no consistency with sentencing in the courts it depends on the Judge you are fortunate or unfortunate to be in front of and his sentencing guidelines set by the government. (and if you happen to be a Police Officer good luck) schoe2011-03-16 21:06:34
  19. Silly Boy

    I believe it took 12 years to get to Court because the female who made the allegations only made them last year. I wasn't in Court so don't know everything that was said but the sentence to me sounds very harsh. He isn't a danger to the public or to anyone else, he has an exemplary record with his current Force so why does he need to be sent to prison 12 years later when the the Government are stating that prison should be a last resort.
  20. Silly Boy

    And Bill Clinton..........
  21. Silly Boy

    Not according to the Judge. My thoughts are with him and his family. Tonight is his first night in prison.
  22. Silly Boy

    Yes 12 years ago! He has been in a different Force for several years. He was charged with misconduct in a public office. Heres another link with more details. Outrageous sentence.
  23. Silly Boy

    I know this Officer he is one of the best and bravest PC'S I have had the pleasure to work with. His Wife has stood by him. He has two young children. He has lost his job, his house,his pension, isn't that enough ? He was convicted of having sexual intercourse on duty 12 years ago and aquitted of all other charges. This sentence is totally out of proportion to the offence I have recently had a man who pleaded guilty to robbery given a suspended sentence. I have lost my faith in the Courts once and for all after this sentence. schoe2011-03-15 20:30:24