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  1. There's clearly an awful lot more to this than a single paragraph but the fact an Inspector has locally resolved it suggests you have made a formal complaint. Put simply, you are not going to get the answers you seek here. You should have been advised of the outcome of your complaint. If you don't understand that outcome, write and request a proper explanation.
  2. I can't recall exactly, but it was months rather than weeks after seeing the SMP that the final recommendation went from HR to the Chief.
  3. From the start of the process to leaving the job took my wife 14 months. It's not quick at any stage and is not helped by the involvement of HR. If yours are anything like ours they are a faceless department who repeatedly fail to respond to emails. Enlisting the Fed to help is the way to go. Good luck.
  4. It's pensionable service, not actual.
  5. Absolutely the same where I am. Response officers taking no ownership of incidents, standard of evidential packages regularly poor as a result, and CID constantly trying to pick up the pieces. Whilst response may occasionally work overtime on scene preservation, bed watches and the like, CID officers rarely get off on time, regularly working extended hours. Double shifts and beyond are not unusual. Crime queues running into the 20's and 30's are common, with DS's having to manage teams which, between them, can be carrying 160 crimes plus. A nightmare for the officers, a waking nightmare for DS's who I know are having sleepless nights, and no sort of service for victims. The wheel has well and truly come off down our way.
  6. There are plenty who work full time shining their trousers, Zulu. A little unfair to aim that accusation at part time staff.
  7. Why?
  8. I spent nearly 15 years investigating road death, as a Collision Investigator, DC and FLO. I did all aspects of it at some point. The sight of mangled bodies has never bothered me - I always treated them as part of the puzzle I was trying to put together. It was the FLO aspect which was the most trying, especially if a family was needy. But I made a point of not getting emotionally involved with the bereaved, not becoming friendly with them. Everything was kept absolutely professional. As a consequence, death has never really given me any sleepless nights.
  9. That's rather muddied the already murky waters.
  10. I've got less than four to go until my full 30 but am pensionable by age and service this year. Suffice to say I'll be keeping a very close eye on how this develops.
  11. Can of worms. Huge can of worms. I said so when this claim was first lodged. Reading the article you could substitute the word "judge" with "police officer" and not see any difference to the way younger in service bobbies have been treated. This is massive news.
  12. 24% is an embarrassment. Nothing more, nothing less. If your Force is the same as mine, that candidate will currently be wearing plain clothes and masquerading as a trainee detective. Unless there is an exceptionally good reason for such poor performance I sincerely hope they are told to stand aside and let someone else step into their shoes. Having done both promotion and NIE I know that, providing you make the effort, both are well within the capabilities of someone of reasonable intellect. 24%, for someone aspiring to become a skilled investigator, is shameful.
  13. If they win it sets a precedent. A very useful one to thousands of people who will never have the retirement privileges the judiciary receive.
  14. Surely the issue, Skydiver, is the fact that the PFEW have repeatedly argued that police officers discriminated against on the grounds of their age don't have a case, and that their (secret) legal advice confirms that. It would seem to be at direct odds with what appears to be happening with the judges, who are progressing through the Courts in what appear to be identical circumstances. The fall out from this could be massive.
  15. This could get very interesting.