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  1. whose job is it?

    Thanks for the reply. Basically my mate is being investigated by professional standards because she did not check the charge sheet and the victims address was disclosed. But I would say this is so unfair because it is the custody sergeants responsibility to ensure it has been typed up right and no where in pace does it says that a pc should check that a ps has typed up the charges right!
  2. whose job is it?

    When in custody, whose job would you say it was to ensure that the charge sheet is correct? The custody sergeants or the charging officer? I ask because I got a rollocking for info that was on the charge sheet that was not meant to be there. But surely its the custody sergeant's job to ensure the wording on the charge sheet is right. Does PACE say anything about PC's checking charge sheets after they have been typed up by the custody sergeant?
  3. The exam!

    Hello Forum, I am taking the exam along with many others in March and I was wondering if anyone has a list of good mnemonics for the exam? I only have one which is 36d r u a terrorist! Do people know any more? Also, is there any correlation between the mock exam that you can buy and the real exam? Thanks!