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  1. Jargon Busting

    Status's Status 1 - Book On Status 2 - On Patrol Status 3 - Office/Clerical Status 4 - Refs Status 5 - On Route Status 6 - On Scene Status 7 - Commited/Deployable Status 8 - Commited/Not Deployable Status 9 - Prisoner Status 10 - At Court Status 11 - Book Off Status 12 - Confidential (Or 10-13 in counties)
  2. Baton Holder

    Hi folks! I spoke with uniform services the other day to order myself a new baton holder after mine ripped I was told that they had very few in stock and the ones they did have were reserved for specials due to collect their kit next month. The woman said I would be better off buying my own.......So thats what i'm going to do. Just wondering which one is the best one. I cant make my mind up between the Peter Jones one, the Asp Sidebreak or the Monadnock one. My ASP would fit them all Northern_Monkey2010-08-30 23:44:57