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  1. failed application for a special

    sucky eggs erm im lost lol
  2. failed application for a special

    lol thanks ......i did all that mapped it all out 1st i spent 2 weeks on the application ......its not an easy thing to complete as you have to think about how much or little they want you to answer the questions,,, i thought i did ok obvisouly not oh well.
  3. failed application for a special

    thanks looking back i could have exsplained more but they dont give ya enough room in the questions to write ya answers....i will ask them for some feed back thanks ....i will apply again
  4. Well im a little dissapointed in the response i got back from northants police force, i had applied to be a specia and recieved my letter today of a failed 1st stage application, have been told to reapply in 6 months which i will..........but what qualitys do they look for in filling in the application,,,,,,,,,i was quite proud of my application and now feel a little deflated ,,,,,,but will reapply as this is something i want to do .........