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  1. yesterday's berk

    Pembwlch, Ive told him loadz of times but luckily we was only doing 30, which is the limit for the road we were on. The others were a bit too close and I hate it when people tailgate, it's sooo dangerous!!!
  2. West Midlands recruitment freeze

    They dont seem to know alot, do they lol I had my date come through a few days ago for my reading/writing assesments for the specials for the 25th may but I can't go on that date so I called them on monday and was told that the next testing would be in june but they didn't know when yet so I've got to wait for a second date to come through the post and I'm defo going to the next one lol!!!
  3. yesterday's berk

    Me n my boyfriend had a right 1 yesterday!!! We were following a van(a peugout partner i think it was) doing around 30ish when he decided to peform an emergency stop for no apparent reason without looking for anyone behind!! Then it turns out that there was a man on the pavement that he knew, so he nearly caused a 3 car pile up to offer his mate a lift!!!! What an idiot
  4. Police Cars for sale

    Theres a place by where I live that sells ex cop cars, dont know how good he is there n it depends on where you live as this is in the west midlands!!
  5. West Midlands recruitment freeze

    OMG!!! They really know how to make you wait don't they lol
  6. West Midlands recruitment freeze

    I wanted to become a regular with west midlands but I've sort of given up on that now from seeing how long that most people on here have waited and are nowhere near getting anywhere so I've applied to become a special and just guna stick to that now!!
  7. Fatal Crash

    So he should get life!! He killed someone through being immature and childish!! Justice has been served!!
  8. Hey all, Does anyone know if you still have to do the chester step test when you have the medical with west midlands police?? If so, whats it like is it? Easy or hard??
  9. West Midlands recruitment freeze

    i know yeah im not guna give up easily lol ive always wanted to do it xx
  10. West Midlands recruitment freeze

    Thanks, they seem to take forever with everything don't they
  11. West Midlands recruitment freeze

    Hey kezia, thanks for the info. I spoke to recruitment about 2 weeks ago and they told me the same thing. In the meantime, Ive applied to become a special so I can get some experience behind me for when I do apply for the regulars. Thanks again.
  12. Next recruitment dates?

    You should give the recuitment a call, they may be able to help you with any questions you have.
  13. Driving age to 18?

    I agree with you andyr that the zero alcohol should be brought in for all drivers not just the new, inexperienced drivers. I was only 17 when I passed my test but when I stop and think about it really I was only a kid!!! The age should be raised but it should be raised high than 18, it should be 21 or somewhere around that age.
  14. fitness test

    Ive only just sent off my application form a few days ago and Im hoping that I can pass everything so I can gain some experience as I want to join as a regular, and in the long run I want to become a traffic officer but Ive heard that its quite hard to become a traffic officer. As for the paperwork Im bracing myself for it cus I know that there is shed loads of it!!!!
  15. fitness test

    Hi Shaka, Thanks for your info. Are you enjoying it as a special??