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  1. Transfers from England.

    Queensland are always recruiting retreads, they got me 6 yrs ago from nzpol! happy to help out with any details if you want. know plenty of ex UK police who have made the jump so let me know if you want info Remember though, the grass is always greenest where you water if the most!
  2. Any Austrailan Cops Out There

    Mate, i am in queensland police. happy to help out with any details you want. have a mate here who is ex border patrol so he may be of more use to you. reply if you want his email and details. BTW, almost as hard to get in here as it is for us to get a green card so you will have to marry an aust girl first! regards Lyndon QLD Australia
  3. Police and Criminal Slang

    Here is one from Queensland Police in Australia A person is FOP Full of piss..............blind drunk....... Should be on a licky bus Should be on a bus to a sheltered workshop for those mentally impaired..slightly cruel i know!!