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  1. Inspectors Part 2 OSPRE 2010 Results?

    Hurrah!! Passed too!! Pint of Adnams for the reddevil please!!
  2. Inspectors Part 2 OSPRE 2010 Results?

    Well, I just hope no news is good news!!
  3. Inspectors Part 2 OSPRE 2010 Results?

    No results for me yet!! Anyone?!!
  4. Inspectors Part 2 OSPRE 2010 Results?

    Threaders, no idea... I'm waiting too. What sort have time have the results been out in previous years?
  5. Oh dear!
  6. crammer courses

    I did the checkmate crammer course last year for my Inpsectors exam. Very good - I passed. But don't let it lull you into a false sense of security - you still have to put the hours in outside of it!
  7. Inspectors Part 2 2010

    Anybody got their date and time through yet? I know what week in May mine is, but no details yet. I seems like they are leving it a little late - I may have to book hotel accommodation etc!
  8. Anyone doing the Insp's in Sept'09?

    I took the exam this year and got my result two weeks ago. Still waiting for the detailed feedback - anyone got theirs yet? Any news on pass rates? I passed by the way!!