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  1. Hi All, seeking serious assistance to sort out a newbie please, I'm a serving member of the forces (army) and a P/T student and preparing for my dissertation (15k) which starts in June, due to my background I've already decided on my topic which aims to be "Terrorism & Security, from a civilian and military prospective", which will be monitored by a lecturer in 4 stages, Due to vast knowledge, expertise and experience from you chaps/s i'm seeking some of the following: Incident feedback and lessons learned, Research pointers, what key area's to concentrate on, do's & dont's & any tips from any member who has covered this subject knowledge in the same format The main area's i've looked at so far: Religous & cultural devides and the history Intelligence and surveillance gathering media & propaganda and web use UK security and it's agencies Security services and military working relationship technology, recovery and strategic elements Now a good friend and fellow student collegue is in fact a former DCI and advised me to ask on here, so any advice, guidance and websites etc would be appreciated, if there is anything that can be passed on that does'nt comply with forum rules then send me a pm please thanks
  2. President of Eurpoe

    There is a petition on the number 10 website in relation to this as i've read it elsewhere on another forum, If Blair gets this position, the power will really go to his head
  3. Hello All

    Another newbie here, looking for information & advice, no doubt will asking asking some time