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  1. Fighting to set up local CSW

    We set our Community speed watch as a sort of side shoot (I believe it was set up as a sub committee of the Council itself) with an overall banner of "Traffic Advisory Committee". Here we looked at things like SID's, traffic calming, areas of excessive speed and ofcourse CSW. We then visited the local traffic division/ casualty reduction unit, where we received our speed gun training and had to pass a short course. Here are the details of our one. Hope this helps. Regards ITB
  2. Met officer seriously injured in RTC Not great, but could have been far worse. Speedy recovery.
  3. Ranroz

    I can not believe it has been two years. RIP Charles, you were a special Gent who brought something special to the forum. Hope you're having a fun up in the clouds.

    Always quiet this time of year. Sparks back into life after the holidays.....
  5. Police Lotus

    Because it was stated that this Lotus was for Devon and Cornwall. They may have given Norfolk another one though............
  6. Police Lotus

    You'd think Lotus would at least have given it to Norfolk!
  7. Graham

    RIP Graham. Always such a polite, kind and at times, funny Gentleman of this forum. Gone but not forgotten.
  8. As ITYO said, it only takes one committed nutter to get through. Why do they always target the innocent? Truly evil.
  9. Penbwlch

    Happy Birthday Penby. Looks like the weather has warmed up for our special days.
  10. Intheblitz

    Bless you all! I spent the whole weekend talking and playing badminton for my next coaching level. Still another 2 1/2 months to go, but it was good fun. Not bad for a 3 year old. ;-)
  11. Margaret Thatcher

    Watched people down our street shed a tear when the tory old guard stabbed her in the back. Greatest leader of our time. God bless her.x
  12. Pre Winsor, she may well not have bothered, but with what being an injured Copper can mean now? You can hardly blame her. With the current climate she has every right to cover her a$$.
  13. CCC website
  14. Changing Rooms and Privacy

    Only one question really...... Was she "fit"?
  15. Happy Birthday Bouncer

    Happy Birthday Big Man! Hope you have a great one!