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  1. Rude and unsympathetic police officers

    Its amazing how many people call the police to get their allegation on record first yet turn out to be the source of the problem...
  2. NSL leeway of 1mph

    I think Bangham's proposal with alienate vast swathes of the public who are currently given some leeway or discretion when they make an honest mistake.
  3. Arch. I started to look at your survey but didn't answer any questions as I didn't think the questions on page 1 would give you any useful data. I can't think of anyone who would want to say anything else other than agree or strongly agree unless they are trying to be mischievous. If you asked 'does Sussex police provide clear and engaging information on their website' then you'd get a more useful response.
  4. Where to live

    Hi Susan. I'm not MPS so I can't give much advice about where to live but you do tend to find that nowadays PCs tend to live away from where they work because of the perception that criminals will target them. By and large that doesn't happen but you do get the odd person who gets fixated on a specific PC or the police in general. Secondly I started at 40 and absolutely love what I do but nowadays government 'reforms' have made the job less attractive than it used to be particularly for the more mature starter. Starting salaries have been cut and pensions are less generous than they used to be, whilst cuts in general have made promotion harder and there are less resources for us to do our jobs properly.
  5. Pension Challenge

    The judges seem to have had a favourable outcome.
  6. Driver training !!

    It varies between forces and roles. In my force its a bit of a lottery as to when response officers get their standard course with some getting lucky and getting theirs within a few months of starting whilst others have to wait 6 months to a year. A couple of years ago there was a TV documentary series about Lincs probationers which showed them getting their standard courses just after they finished in company which is very early but really useful when you work in a such a rural force where officers are spread very thinly.
  7. SEARCH assessment centre

    I can't recommend any courses in particular but I've just done and internet search and found
  8. SEARCH assessment centre

    Police assessment centres aren't like any other so you may want to look into a preparation course to give you some help and experience.
  9. Torches

    I hate marmite so I'd definitely go for a Led Lenser or something similar. They are smaller, lighter and a lot more effective than any Maglite I've seen.
  10. Case files

    Potentially MG3, MG4, MG5, MG6T MG6c/d/e depending on force, court and anticipated plea, MG9, prosecutors prints and witness prints, MG16 pre cons/bad character.
  11. There's an interesting thread on PPRuNE (professional pilots rumour network) about NPAS, especially page 10 which has a table of costs and hours flown.
  12. it really depends what he is looking for. If he is looking for a Midsummer Murders or Morse style murder mystery then it would be spot on but if he is trying to write a realistic police procedural then he is miles away from anything realistic.
  13. Nowadays you'd be lucky to get one overworked DC to cover a GBH let alone 2 DIs. Sergeants and Inspectors tend to have a management role in investigations and in their departments as opposed to being hands dealing with suspects and witnesses.
  14. Fitness Test

    Its not that hard but some people fail it due to problems with technique more than anything else. If you are concerned when your test comes let other people in the group go first, watch a few people and listen to the trainer's tips.
  15. We need some sort of representation but I joined the police to be a police officer not a Fed rep, but given that I am a paying member I expect them to try to act effectively on my behalf and quite frankly I very rarely see that from the national Fed. Locally they are quite effective so I have got some admiration for some officials but they are a laughing stock nationally. There is another old saying that if you own a dog why bark yourself.