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  1. My force has run a campaign reminding us that assaults on officers are unacceptable but I don't think that either the CPS or the local Mags have the same attitude if the number of downgrades and pathetic sentences seen is anything to go by. I saw an article recently which highlighted a 4 years sentence for s.18 wounding handed out to a burglar who ran over a police officer leaving him with serious injuries. If the judge wanted to show the world that an assault on a police officer was a serious offence then the sentence should have been at least double that.
  2. Cheers YOd4 your explanation makes sense. I won't go into the details of the incident for obvious reasons except to say that it involved a lot of criminal damage and offensive weapons. It seems crazy to me that a suspect can disappear off to Scotland after committing an offence in England and for it to be so difficult to deal with them. In my example one of the suspects was detained in Scotland for another offence but all Police Scotland could do for us was to ask if he would stay for a voluntary interview. He declined so that was that.
  3. And me...
  4. JC is now in charge of the Labour Party so maybe your Dad shouldn't be too worried about the anti christ being in charge of the party although the way some people talk about him you'd think he was Satan incarnate. I was reading one of those free countryside magazines in a Drs surgery a short while ago. It contained an article about executions in our local prison, but the thing which struck a cord with me was that I am dealing with people with the same surnames now as were being executed in the 18th century. It may be that they're not from the same families but I did find it amusing that they might be some sort of descendent and that they have carried on the same fine family traditions.
  5. I'm not going to say anything more specific than England.
  6. Dan....Ask away.
  7. I think I detect a touch of Sarcasm in your reply RM I'm not against trying new things in the police but what I don't like is to throw out things which are tried and tested and provide a good overall education. Working on response develops a lot of basic skills which help in the future wherever that officer ends up, but if you start in a specialist role you will have missed out on a lot of the basics as well as not having an understanding of what your response colleagues have to put up with on a 24/7 basis. All I can see this doing is widening the divide between uniform and no uniform roles as well as missing education in the basics of investigations such as trying to get the best early evidence from the rambling drunk at 3am.
  8. One of my colleagues needs to deal with someone who lives in Scotland and is wanted for an offence in England but Police Scotland can't arrest him for us! My colleague therefore has two options, either to get a warrant or to go there and arrest him himself. Strangely enough we can arrest offenders here on behalf of Police Scotland though. The thought struck me that its probably easier to arrange to get someone arrested in France using a EAW than it is to get someone arrested in Scotland!
  9. Oh and another thing most of us go by our first names when at work no matter if they are specials, PCs or DCs. That starts to change when people talk to sergeants or inspectors although that tends to be informal, as well as senior officers we don't know when things become more formal.
  10. It depends who is talking to them. Most members of the public don't know the difference between a special and a PC so they'll use the same terms for both such as officer, plod, PC etc. Full time PCs refer to specials as specials or in writing SPC. Specials just like a full time PC get instructions from control, fellow officers, sergeants and Inspectors, depending on what is being asked.
  11. POis now reporting that the MPS is going to open up the scheme to outside entrants. They have had 81 applications from SPCs and expect to have a cohort of 50 starting training soon and will advertise externally in the near future. Lynn Owens from the NCA has suggested that social workers would make ideal candidates! Personally I can't see why she would think that because my cynical reaction is to ask how someone who works 9-5 and takes a huggy fluffy approach to issues would have a hard enough attitude to work long unexpected hours and to take tough decisions for investigations.
  12. It would have to be with an instructor otherwise 'experienced' but unqualified drivers will impart poor practices at an even faster rate to the newly qualified driver.
  13. That seems to be quite widespread and I know two PCs who used to do it in my force.
  14. Yes but getting 24% indicates a certain amount of skill to get such a low score.